Where Was ‘Black Island’ Filmed? Details on the Netflix Thriller

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Netflix‘s Black Island.

Directed by Miguel Alexandre, Black Island chronicles the bloodied revenge of a substitute literature teacher. Set in a tiny, secluded island boasting white-sanded beaches and serene, bucolic sights, the erotic thriller charts the harm Helena Jung (Alice Dwyer) inflicts on the Hansen family and those close to them. So, where was Black Island filmed?

‘Black Island’ was filmed in these serene locations.

Black Island charts Helena’s attempts to inflict harm on senior high school student Jonas Hansen (Philip Froissant), Jonas’s parents, grandparents, and one of his closest friends, Nina Cohrs (Mercedes Müller). Over the course of the movie, Helena goes on a full-on rampage. She kills Nina. What’s more, it’s strongly implied she was the one who killed Jonas’s parents, while she likely made it impossible for Jonas’s teacher, Mr. Maineke, to return from Mallorca. So, where was Black Island filmed?

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Some scenes in Black Island were filmed on Amrum, an island near the northern border of Germany, per The Cinemaholic. With its pristine beaches, crisp green meadows, and ravishing sights, it served as the perfect location for a movie aiming to capture the volatile nature of ideals like decency.

It’s understood that the majority of the filming took place in the Nebel municipality, which makes up one part of Amrum, Germany. The island is divided into three municipalities: Norddorf, Nebel, and Wittdün. Landmarks like the Leuchtturm Amrum also crop up in the background of some of the scenes.

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The shooting began in October 2020, and it likely lasted until November 2020. It’s understood that the members of the cast weren’t allowed to leave the island during the shooting because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The plot of ‘Black Island’ is a real head-scratcher.

Set up in a style similar to whodunnits and Greek tragedies like Oedipus Rex, Black Island charts Helena’s attempts to avenge her mother’s tragic death.

As viewers are to learn in the second half of Black Island, Helena seeks out the substitute teacher job in a bid to get back at Friedrich, her mother’s former lover and co-worker, who renounced her once she became pregnant. It’s understood that Friedrich (who is Jonas’s grandfather) drowned Helena’s mother, Maria, but Helena survived.

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One of the first scenes of the movie shows the car crash in which Jonas’s parents have died. It’s strongly implied that the tragedy was set up by the bloodthirsty Helena, who is struggling to accept what had been done to her mother.

Once on the island, she not only tries to seduce Jonas but also kills his best friend, Nina. Helena dumps Nina’s corpse in the sea. Friedrich collapses after spotting Nina’s remains in the water. (Friedrich also collapses upon first seeing Helena.) Next up, Helena goes after Jonas, trying to poison his coffee. She ultimately fails, leading Jonas to flee the island via the ferry. As he discovers, someone had used a black marker of some sort to color in Black Island on the map.

Black Island is available on Netflix now.

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