Where You’ve Seen The Cast Of Bel-Air Before

Logically, you might think it’s safe to assume that the youngest member of any given show’s cast tends to have the least impressive CV, solely because they’ve had the least time to build it up. However, Akira Akbar, who plays the level-headed Ashley Banks (played by Tatyana M. Ali in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”), doesn’t adhere to that particular guideline in the slightest. 

Akbar burst on the acting scene in 2015 with a guest spot in “Criminal Minds,” and a couple years later she appeared i an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” By the time 2019 rolled in, however, her career kicked in high gear. On that year alone, she featured on NBC’s smash hit drama “This Is Us,” joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as young Monica Rambeau in “Captain Marvel,” and appeared in the Netflix comedy series “Family Reunion.” Since then, she’s also appeared in Robert Rodriguez’s Netflix superhero movie “We Can Be Heroes,” and in “The Fosters” spinoff “Good Trouble.” The sky seems to be the limit for young Akbar — after all, she’s already made it to Bel-Air. 


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