Which Couples From Season 1 of ‘FBoy Island’ Are Still Together?

OK, so Garrett and Casey didn’t actually leave the island in a relationship, but their bromance was one of the strongest connections of the season. At the end of the season finale, an end card said Garrett couldn’t sponsor Casey’s move (since the $100,000 he was supposed to have won for ending things with Sarah was instead donated to charity), but the two boys have seen each other since the season ended.

“Honestly bro I thought you were a goof,” Garrett wrote of meeting Casey for the first time. “Then after calling each others [sic] room every day for 18 days straight and scheming about [FBoy Island] you reminded me so much of my little cousin. You have a huge heart and you literally had me peeing laughing the entire time we were filming. You even taught me some things about myself that I was never aware of. You hold me accountable to be a better human and for that I will always have your back.”

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