Which Family Members Went To College & Where

Chrisley Knows Best patriarch Todd Chrisley didn’t take the upper education route himself, but he did make sure his children made different plans. All of his children were taught from an early age the importance of getting a good education.

Chrisley and his children are known for pranking each other and being sarcastic but they are all successful. Not only do they have a career in reality television, but they’ve forged their own paths being influencers and starting companies. Chase Chrisley has a successful candle company and Savannah Chrisley has a successful makeup company and that’s only the beginning.

Todd Chrisley’s Children Went To Different Universities

Todd Chrisley has three children who attended college. First, Lindsie Chrisley got her diploma first from Georgia State University. She got her degree in marketing and uses it to host her podcast currently. Despite being a bit estranged from her family, Lindsie is also thriving as an influencer.

Savannah went to Lipscomb University and then moved on to Belmont University. She attended school for Music Business and also got her real estate license.  Chase went to college while on the show, and they talked about his experience during filming. They never said what University he attended in Georgia, but Todd talked about visiting him in Athens.

Chase and Savannah are close in age. Todd said it was hard for both of them to leave him at the same time. During the time they left for college, he said, “I’ve been in their life every day since they’ve been born.” He said them being away for the first time made for a tough transition though he visited both a lot.

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What Did Their Dad Say About The Experience?

Todd Chrisley had a lot of thoughts about his kids’ college experience. He said, “Savannah truly believes in the empowerment of women, and she believes the best way in doing that is by having an education.” According to Life and Style, he said, “I did not want to raise weak girls. I wanted my girls to go out here and do any job that a man can do.” He said that’s true for both Savannah and Lindsie. Kyle Chrisley didn’t go to college. Grayson Chrisley is still in high school, but Todd has talked with him about the importance of attending college.

Todd also said Chase and Savannah had different experiences during the time they are in school. He said, “Savannah is doing very well. Chase is trying to screw his way through the entire campus. He’s a typical teenage boy that I have to pray over daily.”

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