White Bird: A Wonder Story Release Date, Cast, And Plot

In the original “Wonder” film, bully Julian Albans left Beecher Prep when its faculty discovered that both he and his family were involved in bullying Auggie for his appearance. Though Julian sees the errors of his ways by the end of the film, he is still pulled from the school the following year. Things begin looking up for Julian, however, when he is visited by his Grandmère, who shares a story from her past in “White Bird: A Wonder Story” (via Deadline).

As a young Jewish girl caught in the midst of World War II, Julian’s grandmother faced challenges that few could ever imagine. She survived, however, thanks to the efforts of a schoolmate of her own. Like Julian and Auggie, Grandmère could not be more different than her classmate; yet the latter’s willingness to help Julian’s grandmother formed the basis of a compassionate and close friendship. For obvious reasons, it’s clear how and why this story bears an important lesson for Julian. What he does with that lesson, however, remains to be seen.


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