White parents hit back after receiving online backlash on TikTok for adopting a Black child

A white couple on TikTok have hit back after facing criticism over the adoption of their Black son, Abriel.

Steven and Ashley Evans, the couple who go by @happilyevansafterr on the platform, posted a video to address the negative comments they received from people.

The Evans family documented their adoption journey with their son on the app, and commenters felt that they would not be the best parents for Abriel.

“Being a white father to our adopted Black son, people often comment and tell us that we won’t be able to raise him to be a strong black man someday,” he begins.

“If it bothers you that much, then you go adopt a child; go change a child’s life. There are so many kids of all ages and races who need adopting. And if that’s something you’re not willing to do, then reach out to people like me, message us and show us love and say ‘hey if you guys need anything ever, let us know,’” he continued.

Evans then noted that it takes a “village” to properly raise a child to be the best person they can be.

“Reaching out to me and messaging me letting me know that you’re there for me will change his life a lot more than telling me I can’t do something,” he said.

He added: “Being a father to him is seriously the best gift, [the] best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Watch the full video here.

People in the comments of the video were hearts were warmed, praising Evans and his family.

“There is a community of people who will always help you and your family. Thank you for being open to listening and learning from others,” someone wrote.

“That baby is perfectly content in your arms. He feels the love! The gift of unconditional love is irreplaceable,” another person wrote.

“Sir, you have one more auntie in California who will absolutely support you! Thank you for raising that baby! I love the open heart,” a third added.

In conversation with indy100, Ashley Evans said that she and her husband Steven are aware that their son Abriel is Black, but their love transcends skin color, and they don’t love him any less because of that.

“We’re normal parents just like everyone else, and we want to be able to share our love for Abriel with the world! Often times we choose to make humor out of the negativity we receive on our social media channels and remind ourselves that we can either laugh about it or cry about it,” Ashley said.

“We know that at the end of the day, we are doing everything in our power to make sure Abriel is well rounded in his culture, he knows his roots, he is well taken care of in every aspect, and loved beyond measure!” she continued.

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