White Sox fan catches home run ball with prosthetic leg

Why catch a fly ball with your hands when you can catch one with your leg?

TikTok user Shannon Frandreis amazed her fellow fans when she caught a fly ball at a recent Chicago White Sox game with her prosthetic leg. The surrounding crowd stood up and cheered for Shannon as she hoisted the leg up in the air celebrating with a big smile on her face.

The video she posted on TikTok of the improbable catch has gone viral with over 2 million views and over 400 thousand likes. It is believed the catch came on Yoan Moncada’s home run Saturday in a 5-4 win over the Tigers.

“Five beers in, and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea”, Frandeis wrote as the caption. 

The video left the NHL’s Dallas Stars impressed as they called her “A Star in the making” on social media. The 27-year-old replied saying she was flattered but being in Chicago she would like to hear from the Blackhawks.

Shannon Frandreis makes a catch with her prosthetic leg at a White Sox game.

Frandeis also wrote in the comments that she’s always taking her prosthetic leg off at random moments.

The White Sox take on the Houston Astros Thursday for game 1 of the ALDS. No word


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