Whitney Bates Shares Snaps Of Smiley Baby Boy After NICU Stay

Zach and Whitney Bates’ fourth baby is growing up fast! The Bringing Up Bates family recently grew, and the parents welcomed their son, Jadon Carl, to the world. As we reported, after his birth, he had to spend some time in the NICU.

Via social media, Zach and Whitney shared many updates about their son. After birth, his O2 levels dropped and his right lung collapsed. So, he had to be placed on a ventilator and had a chest tube put in. Fans sent love and encouragement their way during such a difficult time.

Fortunately, after staying in the NICU for over a week, Jadon was healthy enough to come home on June 16. His parents documented the special moment they had waited so long for. Since he got home, the family has shared a handful of updates about him as well as what’s new with their family. In a recent Instagram post, Zach and Whitney revealed they bought a house.

Zach and Whitney Bates Instagram

So, it sounds like things are going well for the family. Now, Whitney has another update to share with fans.

Whitney Bates shares adorable photos of Baby Jadon

In a new Instagram post on Zach and Whitney’s shared account, the mom writes, “These baby smiles make the weekend even sweeter!😍 I sure do love this boy! 💛”

She also shared a few photos of her baby wearing a rust-colored outfit while laying in bed. The infant is happily smiling at his mom. In a couple of the photos, he’s holding on tightly to her finger.

Bringing Up Bates fans are happy that Whitney shared this update and revealed that her little guy is happy and healthy.

Zach & Whitney Bates Instagram
Zach & Whitney Bates Instagram

One fan commented, pointing out how similar Jadon looks to his big brother Bradley. In response, Whitney agreed, writing, “He resembles Bradley sooo much at this age!” Plenty of other fans chime in, agreeing that the brothers look like twins.

Several of Zach’s sisters, including Josie Balka and Alyssa Webster, commented on how “precious” the little one is. Tiffany Espensen, Lawson Bates’ girlfriend, calls him “the cutest baby.”

So, what do you think of the new photos Whitney Bates shared of Baby Jadon? Are you glad the little guy is doing so much better now? Let us know in the comments below.

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