Whitney Thore Engaged To The FRENCH Boyfriend? ENGAGEMENT RING Spotted!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore is in seventh heaven these days. Indeed, the lady has a very optimistic outlook towards life. Despite being brutally heartbroken, the star seems to live life to the fullest without any regrets. However, she does agree that she is no more in a position to face heartbreaks.

The Eiffel Tower proposal from the past relationship could not work and ended as her ex-boyfriend Chase Severino could not keep up to be loyal in the relationship. He had become a baby daddy with another woman. Meanwhile, there are now hopes of love flourishing between Whitney and the mystery French man.


She is dancing to the tunes of love again, although her friend Todd Beasley is not in favor of her new long-distance relationship. He thinks that it might not work well for Whitney. But there are speculations that love is at its zenith for the two. Recently, Whitney shared a video wearing a ring on her wedding finger. What does that indicate? Is she flying high with the French Man? Let us know the details.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Opens Up About Her Rings

There are rumors all over the internet that Whitney might have got engaged with her new lover as we can see a ring on her wedding finger and many other rings in her right hand, which was not seen before. As Soap Dirt reported, Whitney has made a video informing the viewers about all the rings she carries in her fingers.

In her right hand, she is wearing three rings, and one is placed in her left hand. On the right, one is a gold ring. Another is a ring that she bought for herself. But the third one will interest the fans. With bells on, there is a croissant ring that Whitney wears, and the ring is a GIFT from the French man. Moreover, she informed that the sparkly shiny diamond ring that she is wearing on her wedding finger is a heritage ring of her family. It is passed on from her grandmother to her mother, and now Babs Thore, her mother, has passed on the gem to her daughter Whitney.

The thing that can sink our hearts to the excitement is that the mystery French man is pretty much in the scene. And there is definitely something going on between the two. So it would be interesting to see where the relationship will sail.

Whitney Skeptical About Her Relationship Status With The French Man

The happy-go-lucky Whitney seems to have budding doubts about what does the French Man considers her. Is she his best friend or his girlfriend? Recently, Whitney asked the French Man to visit her on her 37th birthday. Unfortunately, for some reason, the man could not be with her but sent her a few gifts.

Obviously, Whitney was excited to see them. However, as she opened the wrapper, she was left in dismay. To be shaky for the viewers, she found a pillow with a write-up ‘BEST FRIEND’. This has left the MBFFL star in a massive dilemma as to what is the French man up to?

Moreover, she also received a ring and perfume. But the best friend pillow has left the viewers wondering as to what is the actual relationship status of the two. Will there be a sunrise in Whitney’s love life, or will there be a dooming sunset for her? Do you think the French Man will become her soulmate? Let us know in the comment section.


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