Whitney Thore Flaunts Ring from the Frenchman

Whitney Thore (star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life) turned heads when a beautiful new ring from the Frenchman showed up on her finger. In fact, TLC fans thought a wedding would be coming up soon.

Whitney Thore’s Relationship with the Frenchman: ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ News

Whitney Thore from MBFFL got upset because people kept saying the Frenchman wasn’t real. People said they didn’t think she’d ever met him, and they didn’t think he was French. To show everyone, she posted photos of them together, but with his face blurred out.

One photo she showed off was one their hands together, and fans wondered what the ring on her left hand was. It is a gorgeous ring, and people thought she said yes to another marriage in Paris. She had to set the record straight and let everyone know what was happening.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb Whitney Thore let everyone know what each of her rings meant. Or where they were from so people could stop guessing. Everyone was on the edge of their seat, waiting to find out about the ring.

Whitney’s Rings Explained

The first ring Whitney was wearing was a simple gold ring that didn’t have a story behind it. Then she went on to another ring on the right hand and said it was a croissant ring from her Frenchman. She continued to say that the last ring on her right hand was a salt and pepper ring with diamonds, and she bought it for herself.

Whitney Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life moved on to her other hand. She showed off the beautiful diamond ring flashing on the ring finger and said it was from her mother. The ring was originally her grandmother’s ring, and Babs Thore passed it down to Whitney.

Everyone couldn’t believe that the ring had nothing to do with the Frenchman. But some people said that made them feel a little better about Whitney’s decision-making. So far, they aren’t engaged, but they are still together.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Feeling Positive about Her Relationship

TLC’s Whitney Thore feels optimistic about her relationship, but she isn’t letting the cat out of the bag. There are still plenty of things for fans to learn in the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Soap Dirt is keeping everyone up to date on the latest happenings.

Many people hope that Whitney will get her wedding one day soon, but it has not been in the cards so far. Despite this, she said she feels hopeful about her relationship. In fact, she said “pedal to the metal” about her new man.

Her friend, Todd Beasley, doesn’t think it’s a healthy relationship for her. But Whitney Thore on My Big Fat Fabulous Life isn’t letting that stop her excitement. Maybe she will have another new ring to show off soon.


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