Whitney Way Thore Defends Herself After SHOCKING ‘MBFFL’ Episode

Whitney Way Thore is under attack from viewers after her sketchy behavior on the latest episode. Fans of MBFFL think Whitney showed her true colors as a bad friend. What happened? Plus, Buddy Bell speaks up in Whitney’s defense. Read what he had to say. 

No BS Active program takes off

Whitney Way Thore recently announced a big business move for her No BS Active fitness program. Beginning on October 1st, the fitness program transitions to a downloadable app.

However, at the time of filming MBFFL Season 9, the app was still in the works. In fact, Whitney reveals she took a big financial risk and invested a large sum into making the app happen. While it’s still in the growing stages on the show, the app does come to fruition, but not without drama.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Ashley finds out she’s fired via email

As viewers of the TLC show know, Whitney’s friend Ashley has been helping her out with the admin duties of the fitness program. In addition to her business, Thore is undergoing a procedure to possibly freeze her eggs. The fertility shots cause constant nausea, making work difficult for Whitney.

Ashley offers to read the business-related emails to Whitney. Before Whitney can object, Ashley opens an email from a company requesting an appointment the next day to discuss “the app.” A confused Ashley asks her friend, “What app?”

Then it all spills out that Whitney has secretly been in communication with a company wanting to turn her fitness program into an app. However, if Whitney goes forward with the plan, the company will take over the admin duties that Ashley does. Effectively, Ashley will be out of a job once the app goes live.

Needless to say, Ashley is taken aback and hurt that Whitney didn’t clue her in to the app development earlier. She tried to explain to Whitney that she was blindsided, but Whitney wouldn’t listen.

Instead, she said that she didn’t want to say anything until she knew for sure that the app was a go.

Whitney Way Thore defends herself admit calls she’s a terrible friend

Many fans of the show took Ashley’s side in the situation. Whitney received an onslaught of hateful messages in her DMs. The messages accused the MBFFL star of being a bad friend. One message even encouraged Whitney to kill herself.

Thore posted a photo of her and Ashley on her Instagram feed with some of the comments she received imposed on the image. She wrote a lengthy caption about why these comments are not acceptable. “This kind of abuse is not okay,” Whitney chides.

She then went on to blame the editing for creating drama where it wasn’t needed. According to Whitney, Ashley still has a separate full-time job. However, on the show, Ashley implied that she turned down a promotion at her other job to help Whitney on No BS Active.

Whitney admits that she’s likely going to “get in trouble” for pulling back the curtain and saying reality TV isn’t real. However, she admits it’s “not easy” to deal with the constant hate she gets.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Buddy Bell speaks up on Whitney’s behalf

Whitney Way Thore may have been portrayed as a bad friend on MBFFL but it clearly didn’t affect her friendships. Her long-time bestie, Buddy Bell, left a comment on Whitney’s post.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

He wrote that Whitney is “a wonderful friend.” Furthermore, he suggests that people do something productive with their time instead of sending hateful messages to strangers.

“Whitney is a wonderful friend. We all take care of each other. If Ashley needed anything at all ever… Whitney would certainly come thru. But Ashley (as long as I’ve known her) has been pretty self sufficient. Why don’t you guys go volunteer somewhere in stead of blasting strangers on the internet over something that has nothing to do with you?” – Buddy Bell, Instagram

Even Ashley defended Whitney. It seems the loss of employment didn’t affect their friendship. She left a comment on Whitney’s post reminding everyone that she’s been friends with Whitney for over 20 years and that hasn’t changed.

Do you think Whitney Way Thore was being a bad friend by not telling Ashley about the app earlier? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Catch the next episode of MBFFL to find out what Chase Severino tells Whitney to get her so upset. My Big Fat Fab Life airs Tuesdays on TLC.

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