Whitney Way Thore’s Mystery Boyfriend Revealed?

Whitney Way Thore has been working hard to keep the identity of her French boyfriend a mystery. But internet sleuths are working harder to figure out his identity. They think they’ve cracked the case. Who is Whitney’s secret boyfriend?

Whitney’s French tutor-turned-boyfriend wants to remain anonymous

Whitney Way Thore recently returned from a six-week vacation in France. Whitney even posted photos of hitting up the tourist spots with her man. Unfortunately for her fans, she obscured his face in all of the photos. Just as TLC blurs his face out when he video chats with Whitney, his identity is top secret.

Why won’t he show his face? According to Whitney, her mystery man doesn’t want to be famous. He would rather keep his identity a secret for as long as he can. That excuse doesn’t sit well with fans, though.


Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube

MBFFL star calls out negative nellies

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have long suspected that the show is scripted. Whitney has typically let the rumors roll off her voluptuous back. In fact, TLC viewers speculated that Whitney Way Thore’s romance and eventual break-up with Chase Severino were faked for the show.

Whitney didn’t let the heartbreak of Chase knocking up another woman keep her out of the dating game for long. Season 9 of MBFFL shows her crush on her French tutor turn into something more. In the latest episode, Whitney did fret that they weren’t on the same page about meeting.

But as mentioned above, the two did end up meeting when Whitney traveled from the U.S. to France. According to Whitney, she received a lot of negative comments about blurring out her new boyfriend’s face. Some fans accused her French beau of being embarrassed by Whitney’s size.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

In response, Whitney went off on them. She begged fans to just be happy for her or at the very least, let her be happy. But some fans won’t be happy until they find out the mystery man’s identity.

Internet sleuths think they know the identity of Whitney Way Thore’s mysterious boyfriend

Reddit sleuths have been on the case since news first leaked of Whitney’s new romance. Their biggest hint comes from TLC themselves. Even though the show edits out the man’s face, they showed his name on-screen when he called Whitney.

The mysterious French tutor is a man named Naïl. That was more than enough for keyboard investigators. Starcasm reports that Reddit sleuthers think they’ve found Whitney’s French tutor. If the sleuths are correct, he is Naïl Rayner, a rapper/photographer from Paris, France.

Do you think internet sleuths have solved the case of Whitney Way Thore’s mystery man? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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