Who are John Meadows’ wife and children? Mountain Dog’s death shocks fans

On August 8, the news of John Meadows’ death was confirmed by his family. The popular bodybuilder, nicknamed ‘Mountain Dog’, is survived by his wife, Mary, and two children.

Over the years, John trained several people and gave them a taste of bodybuilding. With more than 320,000 followers on Instagram, Mountain Dog made sure his fans were keeping up with his life.

Apart from showing off his training sessions, there were times when John also shared a few glimpses of his personal life.

Who is John Meadows’ wife?

John was married to Mary until his death. It is unclear how or when the two met. However, time and again, the bodybuilder made sure his wife was credited for her constant support.

In an interview, John admitted he was only able to reach his highest potential because of Mary’s support. He said: I couldn’t have done it without her. When I was sick and got out of the hospital and I was too weak to look after myself, she did everything for me, including sanitary things I can’t talk about.”

He continued: “If I say I want to do something, we’ll talk about it, make sure it’s workable, and then she gets behind me and supports the idea and me all the way. And when I’m hurting the last three or four weeks of my diet, she sees the look on my face and says, ‘Just hang in there, it’s going to be worth it,’ and I need to hear that at that stage.”

Unlike John, Mary has often stayed away from social media. However, photos of family trips from her Facebook hint she spent a lot of time with her bodybuilder husband.

Who are Mountain Dog’s children?

Mary and John welcomed their twins in 2006. They named their sons Jonathan and Alexander.

John often shared pictures with his sons. In December 2020, the fitness coach shared a picture with the twins, wishing them a happy 12th birthday. At the same time, judging by their respective social media profiles, it looks like they are following in John’s footsteps.

Alexander is a video creator who often posts his content on Instagram. Meanwhile, Jonathan shows off his love for superheroes on his social media. He also has 2,500 followers on TikTok.

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How did John Meadows die?

At the moment, an exact cause of death has not been revealed. However, Mary shared that he had “passed away unexpectedly and peacefully in their home.”

In 2020, John had also suffered a heart attack due to a “potential clotting disorder with his blood.” At the same time, Mountain Dog had opened up about struggling with a rare colon disease in the past. However, at the time of writing, it is unknown if these two events are related.

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