Who Are the Deviants in ‘Eternals’ and Is Thanos One of Them?

The intellectual properties of Marvel have become so ridiculously popular, and the new movies are diving deeper and deeper into the universe. Heck, the larger Marvel universe and its array of characters and storylines have a deeply entrenched mythos and backstory that would make even J.R.R. Tolkien blush.

And Eternals will give moviegoers a taste of that on the big screen as they battle it out with the Deviants for the fate of, well, we really don’t know what as of this writing, but at least we know the name of the potential baddies in the flick. So who are the Deviants in Eternals?

Who are the Deviants in ‘Eternals’?

Cinematically, the MCU has struck gold for years taking even the most obscure of intellectual properties and franchises and turning them into box office gold. Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain Marvel all managed to make bank despite not being as well-known as other Marvel characters and now, Eternals looks to delve deeper into the MCU by featuring a slew of high-profile actors depicting the immortal beings.

In the Marvel Universe, everything was created by Celestials, omnipotent beings who are responsible for all life on planet Earth. They decided to create some soldiers to protect the planet in case anything went awry. These are the Eternals, who, in the movie, look like Angelina Jolie and a jacked Kumail Nanjiani, among other several high-profile actors.

Celestials, despite being gods, aren’t exactly perfect and messed up in their experiments, accidentally creating Deviants in the process.

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Whenever humans come across Eternals, they think they’re coming in contact with a god, and when they come across a Deviant they think they’re confronting an ogre or a troll or some other legendarily ill-tempered monster. Eternals are all about protecting and maintaining balance while Deviants are constantly trying to destroy stuff and start wars because, well, they were literally born that way.

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The Eternals only ever get involved with human conflicts when they involve Deviants, which is why they weren’t around to stop Endgame (how convenient). The group of “baddies” is led by Kro, who’s considered the leader of these monsters. While the Eternals are immortal, the Deviants do have a lifespan, but what makes Kro unique is that he’s got a very, very long one.

In the comics, Kro’s pretty slick, changing his identity every once in a while and even convincing humanity he is the Devil at one point. Will Kro be the big bad in Eternals, though? Many think that Druig, who is a part of the “good guy” group (he’s played by Barry Keoghan, who was amazing in The Killing of a Sacred Deer) will end up being the big bad.

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Source: Marvel

Is Thanos a Deviant? Kinda, sorta.

The Eternals aren’t supposed to get involved in Earth conflicts unless they involve Deviants, right? So that should mean that Thanos isn’t a Deviant. However, according to various nerd sources, Thanos is actually the son of two Eternals and he was born with a Deviant syndrome in his DNA, making him prone to war-mongering tendencies.

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By that logic, why didn’t Cosmic Salma Hayek and her band of merry forever-livers do something to stop the events of Infinity War and Endgame? Well, it looks like we’re going to have to wait until November 5, 2021, to find out. That’s when Eternals hits theaters, and the events of the flick apparently take place right after Endgame.

Are you excited to check out Eternals? Or do you think that the latest phase of MCU flicks probably won’t be your cup of tea, judging by the reaction Black Widow received?

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