Who are the experts on Antiques Roadshow? From Hilary Kay to Mark Smith and Clive Farahar

THE ANTIQUES Roadshow experts have transformed countless lives during the show’s 42-year-run, but just who are they?

Here’s everything we know about the people tasked with separating trash from treasure ahead of the launch of series 44 on Sunday, 12 September 2021…

Who are the Antiques Roadshow experts?

Antiques Roadshow is returning to BBC One at 8pm on September 12, 2021 for a brand new series that will see the expert team yet again tasked with valuing treasured heirlooms.

While some of the experts specialise in niche areas, others are able to provide guests with information on a large variety of items.

These professionals are broken down into different categories – arms & militia, books & manuscripts, ceramics & glass, clocks & watches, furniture, jewellery, pictures & prints, silver and miscellaneous.

Here is a rundown of all the experts featuring on the latest series…

Arms & Militaria

Bill Harriman

Bill has been a part of the Roadshow team since 1986.

He is Director of Firearms for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

Mark Smith

Military museum curator and military medal specialist Smith joined the Roadshow in 2014.

He is a member of The Western Front Association, The Orders and Medals Research Society and a member of The Guild of Battlefield Guides.

Robert Tilney

Robert is a Master Gunsmith and a Law Society Expert Witness on Firearms and Ballistics.

He first appeared on the show in 2007 and his most memorable find was a A .476″ Four Barrel Howdah pistol.

 Matthew Haley is one of the four book experts on the show


Matthew Haley is one of the four book experts on the show

Books & Manuscripts

Clive Farahar

Clive was the first book specialist to join the Antiques Roadshow team in 1985.

He also writes and lectures and has been on the Council of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association.

Justin Croft

Antiquarian books and manuscripts specialist Justin has been on the expert panel since 2005.

He is a Kent-based bookselling business and works with collectors, libraries and museums all over the world.

Matthew Haley

Matthew focuses his research on books, manuscripts, historical photographs, and maps.

The head of the Book Department at Bonhams has been contributing to the antiques programme since 2014.

Rupert Powell

Rupert entered the book world in 1985, beginning as a junior cataloguer and has been giving his expert advice on the BBC show since 2008.

His favourite find is diaries from Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition.

Fuchsia Voremberg

Fuchsia works for the London book shop Maggs Bros. Ltd., a firm established in 1853 which sells rare books and manuscripts.

She specialises in documents relating to travel and exploration, with a focus on the Polar Regions and Americana.

Fuchsia has an eye for the unusual, including the history of witchcraft and spiritualism.

Clocks & watches

Alastair Chandler

Alastair worked for Christie’s Auctioneers as a clock specialist from 2007 until 2011.

He has been on the Roadshow since 2010 and is a trained watchmaker.

Ben Wright

Ben is an antiques dealer specialising in top quality English clocks.

His most memorable find is a Rolex watch belonging to a prisoner of war.

Richard Price

Richard has been cataloguing, studying, buying and selling antique clocks for more than 35 years.

Impressively, has been in the expert BBC team since 1983.

 Christopher Payne is one of the furniture experts on the popular BBC show


Christopher Payne is one of the furniture experts on the popular BBC show


Christopher Payne

Christopher is a fine art consultant specialising in furniture who joined the Roadshow in 1985.

Lennox Cato

Lennox was brought up in a family of antiques dealers, so it is no surprise that after leaving school he embarked on his own career in the business.

He’s been an expert on the show since 2005 and his favourite item was an 18th century Cuban mahogany kneehole desk.


Geoffrey Munn

Geoffrey is the Managing Director of a long-established London jewellery firm and has a particular interest in 19th century jewellery and metalwork.

Susan Rumfitt

Susan is an independent jewellery consultant and lecturer based in Yorkshire who’s worked on the programme since 2006.

John Benjamin

John has been working in the antiques trade from a very young age and is now a specialist in the jewellery world.

Joanna Hardy

Joanna has 30 years experience of working with jewellery, initially beginning her career as a goldsmith before moving into the diamond world as a trader.

 Susan Rumfitt knows all about the world of jewellery


Susan Rumfitt knows all about the world of jewellery


Alastair Dickenson

Independent dealer Alastair is based in the West End of London and specialises in antique silver.

He has been a part of the Roadshow since 1992 and his most memorable find is a silver punch bowl.

Duncan Campbell

Duncan has produced silver catalogues and research for a wide variety of private clients and also for institutions, including The Worshipful Company of Armourers and Braziers, The City of Nottingham Museum, The Baltic Exchange, Lloyd’s of London and The Bowes Museum.

Gordon Foster

In 1998, Gordon set up his own business buying and selling ‘Arts and Crafts Silver’ and other objects.

He also advises Scottish museums and institutions on silver and decorative arts acquisitions.

Ian Pickford

Ian Pickford entered the antiques silver trade straight from school.

Since joining the Roadshow in 1985, the most memorable collection of silver Ian has seen is the now famous Crawley Silver Collection.

Ceramics & Glass

The ceramics & glass Roadshow team are one of the largest expert groups.

This is due to the vast quantity of family china, crockery and glassware that’s brought in by members of the public.

The panel consists of experienced professionals, including: Andy McConnell, David Battie, Ferus Gambon, Henry Sandon, John Axford, John Sandon, Lars Tharp, Steven Moore and Will Farmer.

 Robert Tilney is big into his military history and helps visitors value wartime goods


Robert Tilney is big into his military history and helps visitors value wartime goods

Pictures & Prints

The pictures & prints team is also made up of many different experts who are tasked with valuing a broad range of items.

Roadshow professionals include: Lawrence Hendra, Grant Ford, Dendy Easton, Mark Poltimore, Philip Mould and Rupert Maas.


These antiques experts don’t specialise in a particular area, so their knowledge is more vast than specific.

The miscellaneous Roadshow team is made up of: Adam Schoon, Amin Jaffer, Bunny Campione, Chris Yeo, Clive Stewart-Lockhart, Cristian Beadman, Elaine Binning, Eric Knowles, George Archdale, Hilary Kay, John Foster, Jon Baddeley, Judith Miller, Lee Young, Lisa Lloyd, Mark Hill, Nicholas Mitchell, Paul Atterbury, Ronnie Archer Morgan and Wayne Colquhoun.

Finally, there’s Marc Allum who made headlines after finding the remains of an ancient Roman site under his own patio.

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