Who Does Tati Gabrielle Play in ‘You’ Season 3? Meet the New Characters

Dylan is another newcomer added to this season, playing college student Theo. When he’s not busy with his studies, Theo is dealing with his complicated family relationships, specifically with his stepfather. Unfortunately, his method of coping is controlled substances and other dangerous behaviors, already spelling trouble for him this season. Add to that his empathy, leading to his constant involvement in his loved ones’ problems, and Theo’s arc this season is going to be a messy one.

Dylan’s previous roles include Halloween, Nashville, and the TV series The Purge, among others.

Like Tati’s character, it’s currently unclear what role Dylan’s character will play in the overall plot of the season, but both of these newcomers will be integral parts of the season.

The new trailer suggests this new season will be just as dramatic as the previous two, so it’ll be one to tune in for. You can watch Season 3 of You when it drops on Netflix on Oct. 15.

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