Who Got Evicted From ‘Big Brother’ Season 23? (SPOILERS)

Although weekly evictions are par for the course in the Big Brother house, one thing that’s less predictable is a double eviction. These can pop up at any given point throughout the season, though they usually come later and are often used after a Thursday eviction has been canceled or after a player has returned to the game through some new twist.

There’s no guarantee of either of the latter happening in Season 23, but a double eviction on Big Brother is pretty exciting for most longtime fans. The way it works is that the standard weekly vote and eviction happens, but right after it, there’s a quick Head of Household competition, then a nomination ceremony. After that, the houseguests hurry through a veto competition and veto ceremony.

Then, the houseguests are tasked with voting another person out of the house on the same night. It’s a sort of unexpected (but also something sometimes expected, if you ask super fans) moment that can happen at any time.

Like most things with Big Brother, evictions, in general, are pretty high stakes.

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