Who is Annie Luetkemeyer? Julie Bowen and doctor sister hailed as ‘superheroes’ for rescuing hiker

You may know Julie Bowen well for her comical chops on Modern Family. But, we are sure you weren’t aware of Dr Annie Luetkemeyer, the actress’ sister who is making headlines for helping a hiker. 

The two sisters were hiking in Utah’s Arches National Park when they saw a woman fall flat on her face. A couple of days after the incident occurred, the injured hiker has thanked the actress and her sister with a heartfelt note. 

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Meet Modern Family star’s sibling 

Annie is Julie’s youngest sister. She grew up in Maryland and did her medical training at the University of California. Prior to that, she went to Stanford Univerity and Harvard Medical School for her MD. 

She is reportedly serving as a Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the same university. Her specialization includes tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis. 

According to UCSF, Annie has been involved in many clinical trials and is a member of the COVID-19 Faculty Support Committee. She is also the author of several publications that cover a wide range of medical topics, including treatment for the novel coronavirus. 

Meanwhile, not much is known about Annie’s personal life as her Instagram account is set to private. We can’t tell if she’s married, but we noticed that her display picture is of herself with her family.

Julie had once mentioned her in one of her Instagram posts.

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What happened to Minnie John? 

Minnie John from New Jersey became lightheaded during her trek in the national park. “I bent forward into my knees and was holding my head. That’s all I remember,” she said.

When Minnie came back to her senses, she saw two women tending to her. She also noted that she heard a familiar voice. 

“I kept hearing Julie talking and directing other people, telling me I was going to be okay. My eyes are focusing on Julie and I kept saying ‘Are you sure I don’t know you?’,” the woman said. 

However, she was able to recognize the Modern Family actress, but only after a hint from Julie’s sister.

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PART THREE: I made it to the top but could not go any further. I was light-headed, felt like I was going to faint so…

Posted by Minnie John on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Hiker thanks “famous sister” for rescuing her 

In a long post shared on Facebook, Minnie has thanked “superheroes” Julie and Annie for helping her when she fainted.

She wrote: “God is with you every moment in your life. He knows your inner desires and however you choose your movements, He never leaves you! The guide who was with the two famous sisters saw me fall forward.”

“At the right time with no delay He sent the doctor and helpers. He restored me with sound mind and a joyous meeting with my helpers. They were so caring and loving to stop like the Good Samaritan does in the Bible!,” she wrote further. 

Meanwhile, there is no danger to Minnie’s life. She said she has got “5 stitches and a fractured nose”, as she joked about joining her husband and son Erik who had also suffered similar injuries in the past. 

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