Who is Bachelor in Paradise star Victoria P’s ‘secret boyfriend’?

BACHELOR in Paradise star Victoria P shocked viewers when her “secret” boyfriend was exposed on the show.

Victoria had begun connecting with contestant James Bonsall shortly after her arrival to the bachelor beach paradise.


Victoria P went on Bachelor in Paradise in an effort to find loveCredit: Getty

Who is Bachelor in Paradise star Victoria P’s ‘secret boyfriend’?

Although his identity was not revealed on Bachelor in Paradise, it is believed that Victoria P is dating Nashville musician Teddy Robb.

According to The Dipp, Victoria posted a question segment on her Instagram story 12 weeks before the Bachelor in Paradise season 7 premiered claiming that she was going through a breakup. 

According to that timeline, the breakup would have been around the week of May 24, prior to the start of the show’s filming.

Teddy hails from Akron, Ohio, and was signed by Monument Records. 

Victoria P's TV moment was cut short after contestants Kelsey and Tammy exposed her 'secret' boyfriend


Victoria P’s TV moment was cut short after contestants Kelsey and Tammy exposed her ‘secret’ boyfriendCredit: Getty

He performed his single Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You on the Today Show back in 2019 and dropped his debut EP in April of last year.

The pair have not shared pics of each other on social media but eagle-eyed fans noticed that in July she adopted a dog named Bobbie, similar to Teddy, who adopted the same looking dog with the same name — just a different spelling — in March.

Although Teddy shared photos of Bobby back in April, the dog did not come back into his feed until July 9 when a snap of him was back with the caption, “Did y’all miss Bobby??”

Fans believe that Teddy and Victoria lived together, broke up shortly, and rekindled their romance after Bachelor in Paradise was filmed.

How did Victoria P’s secret boyfriend get exposed?

Victoria’s co-stars from Peter Weber’s season, Kelsey and Tammy, began telling the beach that their friend had a “boyfriend back home” and that she’s “using any guy here to elongate her time here on Paradise.”

“Right now, Victoria P.’s unfortunate victim is good, sweet James, and I think he needs to know,” Tammy said in a confessional before confronting her pal about the allegation. 

She pulled James aside on the beach to fill him in and he was shocked by the unexpected news. 

“I feel like you deserved to know because I want you to find a connection. I’m just looking out for you. I don’t want to see you played,” Tammy said before adding Victoria is a “rose chaser.”

A disappointed James responded: “I like to think I have a good radar for bulls**t, but if this is true, then clearly I’ve been away off.

“At this point, I don’t want to start gossip or start drama, but I feel like I can’t trust my own judgment at this point,” he said as Kelsey also confirmed Tammy’s story. 

In a separate scene, Victoria tried to diffuse the situation but Tammy claimed she “had receipts” to prove she was lying. 

Victoria began to sob and admitted: “I’m crying because I’m upset that the words I’m giving the people I love are being questioned. 

“I could not come into this without an open heart because that would require me to lie to someone else. 

“I can’t fake it. I can’t lie. I have to have a conversation with James and let him know my intentions were pure.”

She then seemingly confirmed having a boyfriend as she went back to Nashville, adding: “I don’t need to search to find something that I already have at home.”

Did Victoria P leave Bachelor in Paradise?

Victoria got into a waiting SUV and left Bachelor In Paradise in tears.

Fans immediately slammed her on social media after her dramatic exit, with one user writing: “Looks like Victoria P’s caught red-handed on using The Bachelor franchise to get herself & her country music boyfriend more famous. Well… that backfired…”

Another fan said: “Victoria P sucks. SHE needs to stay calm not James.”

“As a healthcare worker from Louisiana, Victoria P does not represent who we are. Classless and manipulative,” a third replied.

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