Who is Ben Platt’s boyfriend?

BEN Platt is set to star in the Dear Evan Hansen movie scheduled to be released on September 24, 2021.

When Platt is not busy acting, he can be found at home with his boyfriend, Noah Galvin, who also has ties to the Dear Evan Hansen community.


Ben Platt is currently dating Noah GalvinCredit: Instagram/Noah Galvin

Who is Ben Platt’s boyfriend?

Born May 6, 1994, Galvin, 27, is known as an American actor and singer.

Galvin got his start in acting back in 2013 and has since been seen in the movies Booksmart, Assassination Nation, and The Two Princes.

Since 2020, Galvin has also had a recurring role on ABC’s The Good Doctor as Dr. Asher Wolke and was previously in the ABC comedy The Real O’Neals.

Outside of acting, Galvin has also starred on Broadway and was actually his boyfriend’s replacement in Dear Evan Hansen when Platt announced he would be leaving the musical production in 2017 to focus on his acting career and personal life.

What did Ben Platt say about Noah?

In a recent interview with Out magazine, Platt opened up about his relationship and revealed that he had found “a partner that I really love, Noah Galvin, my boyfriend.”

Platt also revealed that Galvin helped him overcome the “fear and apprehension” he felt about reprising his role in the upcoming film.

“[He] has a really unique ability to help me to…be present where I am and to make the life that’s happening day to day too wonderful to not want to be on the ground for it,” Platt continued.

Galvin first revealed their relationship back in May 2020 when he was a guest on the Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine podcast.

“I asked him this morning, I was like, are we allowed to talk about this? And he’s like, ‘Don’t go into our nitty gritty, but yeah, people can know,’ ” Galvin said at the time.

Platt and Galvin are also not the first Evan’s to start dating, Taylor Trensch and Ben Levi Ross, who also both played Evan Hansen at one point in time, are dating as well.

Noah Galvin currently plays the role of Dr. Asher Wolke on ABC's The Good Doctor


Noah Galvin currently plays the role of Dr. Asher Wolke on ABC’s The Good DoctorCredit: Getty

Has Noah Galvin ever missed out on a role because he was gay?

Back in 2016, Galvin sat down with Vulture magazine where he revealed that he had missed out on playing the role of a straight character because he was “too gay.”

“It was down to me and one other boy. One producer who watches [The Real O’Neals] was like, But he’s too gay. It was horrible. It made me feel so sh***y. I was like, Well, how did I get so far in the process if I was ‘too gay’? Obviously that’s one person’s opinion,” Galvin revealed.

In The Real O’Neals, Galvin played Kenny, the gay middle child and second-born son in the O’Neal family.

“Somebody who watches our show is maybe blinded by the fact that I play gay on this television show — I’m sure there are a thousand contributing factors. And maybe I was, like, ‘too gay’ in that audition. I don’t know. I don’t get to watch the audition tape, you know? So it’s an interesting thing,” Galvin continued.

“I’m learning to navigate and having to deal with for the first time.”

Despite missing out on roles, Galvin revealed that his character on the show gave him inspiration to come out publicly.

“It was not a point of contention, but a discussion point,” Galvin said. “It’s important to me that with this slightly revolutionary thing we’re doing on network television that I should go full force and follow through as completely as possible.

“And it’s paid off in ways. In terms of, like, the kids who watch my show and say thank you for being open about who you are, and playing this character, and bringing a level of authenticity that maybe somebody else wouldn’t have. I like to think it makes it that much more relatable. And older people who watch the show are like, damn, I wish I had something like this on TV when I was younger to normalize my situation and make me not so self-hating.”

Ben Platt says his boyfriend is a great cook

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