Who is Diana Taurasi’s wife? A look at basketballer’s relationship with Penny Taylor

Diana Taurasi showed off her remarkable skills during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, outside the court, she enjoys a comfortable life with her wife, Penny Taylor.

On August 7, Team USA’s women’s basketball team won against Japan during the Olympics. Amid this, viewers could not stop gushing about Diana’s performance. While you might know a lot about her life on the court, we are here to give you a glimpse of her personal life.

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Who is Diana Taurasi’s wife?

Diana is married to Penny, an Australian retired professional basketball player, and a former assistant coach.

Penny enjoyed a long career and decided to retire in 2016. Following this, she took on the role of Phoenix Mercury’s assistant coach. However, in 2020, she took a step back to be a full-time mother. She was replaced by  WNBA player Chasity Melvin.

Mercury’s general manager Jim Pitman also supported Penny’s decision. He said: “Part of being a family and working toward equality in this space is supporting working moms. We fully understand and support Penny’s decision to focus on her role as a mother.”

Penny Taylor and Diana Taurasi’s relationship explored

Diana and Penny got married in 2017 but kept their relationship as private as possible.

Even though the duo had stayed tight-lipped about their special day, they did not hesitate to share a few words during an interview. Diana referred to their wedding as “just an amazing day, one of the happiest days we’ve ever had.”

Meanwhile, Penny added that it was “a beautiful day and everything we hoped it would be. It was the perfect timing and real celebration of everything we’ve been through and how we’ve been professionals and supportive of each other through some really tough years and challenging careers.”

At the same time, in an interview with ESPN, Diana gushed about their relationship. She said: “We both found something in each other that made us each a better person, a better teammate. And you don’t get to find a lot of people like that in life.”

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

What we know about their child

As stated above, the pair tries to keep their private life away from the media. However, in 2018, AZ Central confirmed the duo had welcomed a baby boy.

Penny and Diana’s son was born in March 2018 and they named him Leo. As of now, the pair have not shared any other detail about their child.

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