Who is Franky on Married At First Sight UK 2021?

SIXTEEN strangers are taking the plunge and making the ultimate commitment to someone they’ve never met on series six of Married At First Sight UK.

Among those willing to take a gamble in the hopes of finding true love is military man Franky. Here’s everything we know about him…

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Franky relocated to Dubai fifteen years ago

Who is Franky on Married At First Sight UK 2021?

Franky is a 47-year-old Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Dubai.

He’s this series’ oldest contestant and has been married before.

Franky has been living in the United Arab Emirates for the past fifteen years after leaving a life in the armed forces behind – and is hoping his wife will be willing to relocate.

Franky’s been paired up with 37-year-old mum-of-two Marilyse, who also works in the fitness industry.

What has Franky said about appearing on the show?

Franky says he’s hoping to move past his shallow ways on Married At First Sight UK and find a woman who he’s truly compatible with.

Franky said: “I used to look for the hottest girl in the room and I’ll hold my hand up to that.”

History has shown me that isn’t a wife. The hotter girl comes with more drama and now at 47 years old (though I feel 21 every day), I want to get someone who ticks the ‘wifey’ boxes.”

He added, “I want a classy person, not the drama. As long as she is petite and classy, I don’t care what she looks like.”

Franky says he's willing to look beyond physical appearance


Franky says he’s willing to look beyond physical appearance

Franky also said that he’s looking for somebody who is also interested in pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle – which might mean PT Marilyse is truly his perfect match!

When is Married At First Sight UK 2021 on TV and how can I watch it?

Married At First Sight UK has moved to E4 for its’ sixth series and has made a few changes to the formula.

Taking their cues from the Australian version of the show, series six won’t have legally binding ceremonies anymore and will start bringing the contestants together for weekly dinner parties.

The new series began on August 30, 2021 and will run four nights a week from Monday to Thursday until the end of September (though an exact date for the finale hasn’t been announced yet).

If you miss any of the action, you can also catch-up on all episodes on All 4.

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