Who Is Jake on ‘Pawn Stars’? Learn About Rick Harrison’s Youngest Son

In the same episode, Rick gave Jake “a little pawn shop 101 education,” showing him a fake Rolex watch that Chumlee had mistaken for the real deal.

As Jake inspected the watch under the lens of a loupe, he accurately asserted that the “green sapphire” around the perimeter of the watch face was painted on.

“Chum bought that for real,” Rick explained. “You already know more than Chum about Rolexes, apparently.”

And later, Chum gave Rick a progress report when the boss found him and Jake playing video games in his office. “Dude, Jake’s been amazing around here. … A natural. He’s even almost better than me, but I did teach him everything he knows, so it would be expected.”

But Corey still wanted Jake to pursue a career elsewhere. “Jake, finish school, man. You don’t want to get trapped here your whole life.”

Pawn Stars airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on History.

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