Who is Ja’Marr Chase’s girlfriend Ambar Nicole?

CINCINNATI Bengals player Ja’Marr Chase has been accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend, Ambar Nicole.

The 21-year-old NFL player hasn’t yet responded to her claims.


Ja’Marr Chase is reportedly dating Instagram model Ambar Nicole

Who is Ja’marr Chase’s girlfriend Ambar Nicole?

Ambar Nicole is an Instagram Model based in Los Angeles, California.

As of August 2021, her account has almost 13,000 followers – but she’s deleted all of her posts except one and she’s never uploaded a snap with her NFL player boyfriend.

Her age has not been officially confirmed, but she’s thought to be in her late teens or early twenties.

Although she doesn’t usually post photos with Ja’Marr and mostly focuses on beauty and travel content, Ambar took to her Instagram stories on August 24, 2021 to make a shocking and public allegation of abuse towards the 21-year-old.

“Told myself I wouldn’t put my business on the media anymore but!!…” she wrote in her first post.

In her second story she added: “putting your hands on a pregnant female is lame af!!! @Lahjay10_”.

It’s the first time Ambar has said she is pregnant publicly – and it’s not clear how far along she might be.

The Instagram Model also made sure to tag Ja’Marr’s account, which has more than 300,000 followers, and then posted a third story with a photo of the player captioned with the word “PU**Y”.

She then removed all of her photos except for one, on which she pinned a comment which reads: “Y’all wrong for attacking her. Keep defending the probably abusive NFL player just because he’s good at catching a ball but sure, destroy a soon-to-be mom’s confidence and mental health just because you’re stuck in last century. Stay strong Ambar!”

Previously, Ambar had claimed on her story that Ja’Marr had been unfaithful and “slept with multiple women” whilst there were in an exclusive relationship.

Ja’Marr hasn’t responded to either set of allegations directly but did tweet “these fake pages be killing me bruh”, which some fans interpreted as a reply.

The wide receiver has never publicly acknowledged or confirmed their relationship, or Ambar’s alleged pregnancy.

Ja'Marr Chase hasn't responded to Ambar Nicole's allegations


Ja’Marr Chase hasn’t responded to Ambar Nicole’s allegations

How long have Ja’Marr Chase and Ambar Nicole been dating?

Little is known about the alleged relationship between Ja’Marr Chase and Ambar Nicole.

So far, only Ambar has posted about it – and only to make claims of infidelity and abuse.

For this reason, we can’t confirm how long the pair might have been dating.

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