Who Is Jean Smart’s Son Forrest?

Jean Smart’s teenage son Forrest was very supportive of his mom, telling red carpet correspondent Karamo Brown that he was “very proud of her, she really deserves it, she worked really hard for everything,” (via She Knows). “Those are the moments that make us as a parent cry right there,” Brown replied.

Smart told Forrest that she felt guilty about being away working for months at a time and asked him if it was okay. “No,” Forrest said, before backtracking. “I mean, it was okay … this was worth it.”

Entertainment Tonight‘s Lauren Zima asked Smart what she was thinking of after her triumph at the Emmys and what her late husband, Richard Gilliand, would say. “Oh gosh, well he’d be very happy for me,” she responded. “I was thrilled to share it with my youngest, and he’s ecstatic. So that was really special.” Smart continued, “Unfortunately, I have to go to work at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so I can’t party too much tonight.”


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