Who Is Kody Brown’s Son-In-Law Tony Padron?

Tony Padron is only the second ‘Sister Wives’ son-in-law out of eighteen children. He came into the family when he wed Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, Mykelti back in 2016. Not much is known about him except viewers and fans have not taken that kind to him. His wedding to Mykelti was shown on the series and recently the duo welcomed their first child. Yet, what is behind the real Tony?

The Sister Wives’ Married Children

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When it comes to getting married in the Sister Wives family, there should be a “courting” period. At least that is what Kody did with his four wives. Most of the children saw him do this with Robyn. He would drive hours to see her and take her out on dates. There was a slight scandal when he was caught on camera kissing Robyn while Christine was in labor with their youngest daughter, Truely. It was not until the two were married that they got to be intimate and she moved to Utah to be closer.

Maddie was the first to get married to a family friend, Caleb Brush. She is just slightly older than Mykelti on the family tree. They wed in June of 2016 and were the first to have children. Everyone seemingly welcomed Caleb into the family as they had already known him. As for Tony, he and Mykelti started dating in October of 2015 per ScreenRant.

By the following summer, which was already hectic because of the Brush wedding, he asked for Mykelti’s hand in marriage. Kody was much more chill about the engagement than Christine was. They soon got engaged shortly after Maddie got married and were wed by the end of the year. It was a Mexican-themed wedding and they had bride and groom pinatas. The guests had to hit them which Christine was not too thrilled with. Still, Mykelti was happy and in love. Yet, who is this man she fell for?

Who Is Tony Padron?

Credit: Mykelti Brown Padron IG
Credit: Mykelti Brown Padron IG

Tony will be twenty-seven next month and grew up in St. George, Utah. Kody has talked a lot about the beauty of this part of Utah on the show. At seventeen, Tony converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Catholocism though there is no given reason. Initially, he was a banker. However, as he shared in the series, he departed this position to work from home.

He was evasive at first about what his new job was. Eventually, it was revealed he was doing video game streaming. Despite some criticism from fans, the two seem very happy and welcomed their first child this year. Their baby girl, Avalon Asa was born in April, and Christine was there to witness it. Mykelti has been constantly posting updates and the baby is super happy.

Hopefully, viewers will get to see more of Tony when the new season of Sister Wives premieres on November 21.



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