Who is Matt Murdock?

Matt Murdock is a Marvel Comics character better known as Daredevil.

Fans of the superhero are hoping he’ll make an appearance again soon – and even think they might have spotted him in the trailer for Spiderman: No Way Home.


Fans are convinced Charlie Cox is returning as Daredevil

Who is Matt Murdock?

Matt Murdock is the brainchild of legendary comic book writer Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett.

Murdock made his first appearance in Daredevil #1 which was published back in 1964.

According to the comic, Daredevil is a “human mutate” who gets his powers after being blinded by a radioactive substance that falls from an out-of-control truck.

Depicted in an iconic red suit, Daredevil is also known as the “man without fear” and the “Devil of Hell’s kitchen”.

Daredevil has appeared in hundreds of Marvel comics and has made it to the screen in 2003’s Daredevil, which starred Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock, and Netflix show Daredevil.

Netflix’s Daredevil came to an end in 2018 but fans hope that they haven’t seen the last of the crimson superhero, however – and some are convinced that they’ve spotted him in the background of the latest trailer for Spiderman: No Way Home.

Nothing’s been confirmed yet, though.

Is Matt Murdock really blind?

After his transformation, Daredevil never regains his sight but does find that his other senses have been enhanced to superhuman levels.

He also gains an additional “radar” sense.

What is Daredevil’s backstory?

In the comics, Matt Murdock grows up with his single Dad Jack Murdock in a dangerous Irish neighbourhood known as Hell’s Kitchen.

Not long after the truck accident that gives Daredevil his powers, Jack is killed by gangsters.

Now an orphan, Daredevil learns to protect himself under the tutelage of a mysterious blind stranger known only as Stick, who teaches Matt advanced martial arts and karate skills.

We then catch up with Matt Murdock some years later.

He’s successfully graduated from law school but, unsatisfied, decides to begin a double life fighting crime as the masked vigilante Daredevil.

Who is Matt Murdock in love with?

Daredevil’s best known and longest-running love interest is Karen Page, a law-firm secretary.

In Daredevil #57, Murdock reveals his secret identity to then-girlfriend Page, who leaves him after the big reveal.

But Daredevil doesn’t remain single for long – as Black Widow joins as a crime-fighting partner and romantic interest for the hero in Daredevil #86.

Matt Murdock was last seen in Netflix show Daredevil


Matt Murdock was last seen in Netflix show Daredevil

The former-Russian Spy, who’s mostly famous played by Scarlett Johannsen, disappears from the Daredevil story in #124 – and is replaced by the over-emotional Heather Glenn.

Although Black Widow would later return in a bid to rekindle their romance, Daredevil rejects her in favour of Glenn.

The superhero also indulges in a number of other affairs in the comic series, including with the assassin Elektra, before he eventually weds Mila Donovan.

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