Who is Natalie Morales’ husband Joe Rhodes?

Journalist Natalie Morales and her husband Joe Rhodes have been married for 23 years.

Natalie Morales debuts as The Talk’s newest co-host on October 11, 2021.


Natalie Morales, her husband Joe Rhodes, and their childrenCredit: Instagram

Who is Joe Rhodes?

Joe Rhodes is married to news journalist and tv host Natalie Morales.

Rhodes is a founder and contemporary Managing Partner at Stockton Road Capital LLC, according to Live Ramp Up.

Morales and Rhodes live in Hoboken, New Jersey, with their family and rescue dogs.

Morales and Rhodes have been married for many years


Morales and Rhodes have been married for many yearsCredit: Instagram

The host revealed on Instagram at the beginning of 2021 that Rhodes had lost his father.

“It has been a sad start to the new year with the sudden passing of one of the most amazing people I knew, my father-in-law Joe Rhodes,” she wrote.

“He was a wonderful father and grandpa. He loved and cared for his wife Kay for more then 52 years and as she battled Alzheimer’s. He taught us so much about love, character and devotion. We miss you and will keep you close in our hearts always.”

Rhodes’ mother, Kay, passed in 2014 after battling Alzheimer’s for almost two decades.

How long have Joe Rhodes and Natalie Morales been married?

Morales married Rhodes on August 22, 1998 according to the New York Times.

In 2006, Morales was rumored to be having an affair with NBC’s Today show host, Matt Lauer.

Rhodes and Morales have two sons together


Rhodes and Morales have two sons togetherCredit: Instagram

Allegedly, the two got involved with each other when Today were covering the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

Lauer’s wife filed for divorce against him after the coverage, but later withdrew it.

When Morales first announced she was pregnant with her second child, rumors swirled that Lauer was the father.

Do they have children together?

The pair have two sons: Joseph Stockon Rhodes, born in 2004, and Luke Hudson Rhodes, born in 2008.

Morales suffered a miscarriage before she had her children, which she candidly talked about on the Today show.

She met with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo for a private reading in which Caputo asked her who in her life had suffered a miscarriage.

Morales said she suffered a miscarriage before having her two sons


Morales said she suffered a miscarriage before having her two sonsCredit: Instagram

Morales replied that she, herself, had miscarried a child, before breaking down into tears.

“Know that the soul that was lost is considered a child, and that the souls do grow on the other side,” Caputo told her.

“Did you know what the child was? Was it a girl?” Caputo asked.

“No, no,” Morales replied. “It was very early, and I struggled with pregnancies.”

Despite struggling with pregnancy, her sons are now 17 and 13


Despite struggling with pregnancy, her sons are now 17 and 13Credit: Instagram

Despite her initial “trepidation and some skepticism,” Morales said wasn’t immune to Caputo’s moving messages.

Caputo claimed to have made contact with two other lost loved ones, including Morales’ mother-in-law, whom she said had a message to pass along.

Is Natalie Morales a host on The Talk?

Natalie Morales was a host on the Today Show for 22 years.

On Friday, October 1, 2021, Morales announced her departure from the Today Show.

She will continue to appear on Dateline throughout the rest of the year.

Morales makes her debut as co-host of The Talk on October 11, 2021 at 2pm ET.

The Talk is available for viewing on CBS.

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