Who is Norma Jean Jalovec and how does she know Brian Laundrie?

NORMA Jean Jalovec was the second woman to claim she picked up Gabby Petito’s fleeing fiancé Brian Laundrie.

Jalovec says she gave the 23-year-old a lift on August 29 at around 6:15pm near the Jackson Lake Dam, Wyoming.


Norma Jean Jalovec was the second woman to claim she picked up Brian Laundrie

Who is Norma Jean Jalovec?

Norma is the Wyoming woman who claims she met Laundrie at Grand Teton National Park just two days after Gabby went missing.

She alleges Laundrie was hitchhiking at the time and that she decided to give him a lift.

The alleged encounter came on the same day that Tiktoker Miranda Baker claimed she gave Laundrie a lift in her jeep.

How does she know Brian Laundrie?

During their small talk in the car, Laundrie reportedly told Jalovec that he had been hiking and had a fiancé.

Since her alleged encounter, Jalovec admitted that she cannot “explain” why she went to church and picked up a “hitchhiker”.

Jalovec was in the national park as she attended mass at a church – around 1.2miles from the dam.

She said she spotted Laundrie was walking backward and holding his thumb out.

Laundrie reportedly asked her to drop him off at the Spread Creek camping ground but as they approached the entrance, he reportedly freaked out and tried to “get out the moving car”, according to Jalovec.

She told Fox News: “I picked him up. Something just said, ‘Hey ask him where he’s going.”

Jalovec told the outlet that everything was “legitimate” and she has already spoken to FBI detectives.

Where is Grand Teton National Park?

Grand Teton National Park is located in northwestern Wyonming, just south of Yellowstone National Park.

It covers 84 square miles (1,254 square km) and includes much of the Teton Range and most of Jackson Hole – a fertile valley just east of the Tetons.

Did anyone else see Brian Laundrie on August 29?

Miranda Baker, a Wisconsin-based TikTok user, also alleged that she and her boyfriend were approached by Laundrie at Grand Teton National Park.

Laundrie said he was hiking alone when he asked Baker and her boyfriend for a ride in their jeep at 5.30pm on August 29, Baker claims.

The Tiktoker published four videos on Friday explaining what happened and noting that the hitchhiker offered $200 for the ride, which would have only been approximately 10 miles, something which struck Baker as “kind of weird.”

The Sun reached out to law enforcement and Baker to obtain further details but has not yet received a response.

However, North Port Police Department spokesperson Joshua Taylor confirmed to The Independent that they had talked with Baker.


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