Who is OnlyFans model Laura Amherst?

LAURA Amherst hit the headlines as the topless XR campaigner seen at a number of protests in London.

The eco-warrior from Brighton has promised she will to donate 75 per cent of her earnings to the fight against climate change.

Who is OnlyFans model Laura Amherst?

Laura Amherst is a 31-year-old mum and politics student from Brighton, East Sussex.

She became widely known after she went topless during a number of Extinction Rebellion protests in London in September 2021.

Amherst has since launched an OnlyFans page and pledged to give most of her earnings to environmental causes to fight climate change.

Amherst says that she has earned £1,200 since launching her OnlyFans page.

The mum-of-one has vowed to donate three-quarters of her earnings from the topless content to Extinction Rebellion (XR), Greenpeace, and an animal rescue charity, rotating between them each month.

She’s expecting to rake in about £18,000 this month on the page.

Why did she go viral at the Extinction Rebellion protest?

Amherst made a name for herself by going topless at the Extinction Rebellion protests, claiming she was doing it to “draw attention to the threat of climate change”.

But her protests have come under fire from people online who claim she’s “attention-seeking”, “wants to be an influencer” and told her to put her clothes on.

The mum-of-one told The Sun: “Recently I was fat-shamed, people have said, ‘You’ve got so many rolls on your body I don’t want to have to see that’.

“Others have called me ‘disgusting’ and someone even said ‘I’ll turn vegan if you let me motorboat them’.

“They love to rip into me because I have fake boobies and say, ‘Oh, she must be a horrid person looking for attention,’ but they have me all wrong.”

Photographs of Laura’s topless displays went viral as she joined XR activities designed to bring London to a standstill. since the group took to London – and even drew the attention of Piers Morgan.

The former Good Morning Britain host joked about the writing on her chest, which read ‘Wake Up’, being “unexpected publicity” for his book of the same name

Is Laura Amherst on Instagram?

Amherst can be found on a number of social media sites.

Most notably she has her OnlyFans page.

She is on Twitter as @Climatetits.

Amherst is on Instagram under the name @lauraamherstxr.

In her most recent Instagram post, shared with her 17,000 followers, she posted a clip of her interview with Good Morning Britain.


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