Who is Pufferfish on The Masked Singer?

THE global singing phenomenon has returned with the season 6 premiere of The Masked Singer on Fox.

Host Nick Cannon joined by panelists Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke have already unmasked two singers.


The Pufferfish performs with a guitar, leaving panelists and viewers baffled.Credit: FOX

However, characters like the Pufferfish, have everyone scratching their heads.

What clues do we have for Pufferfish?

In the season 6 premiere of The Masked Singer, Pufferfish takes to stage in her bedazzled peach gown and matching eyelashes. Her costume features large blue eyes.

Her wide-eyed look ensure she’s keeping her eyes on the prize.

The Masked Singer previously revealed the first clues for the contestants in the season 6 teaser. Pufferfish is described as bubbly in it.

At the beginning of her performance, Pufferfish says, “For most of my life, I wanted to blend in, but I just couldn’t. I was that weird kid in science class who messed up all the experiments.”

She goes on to say that her voice was always different, and not necessarily in a good way.

Pufferfish grabs an electric guitar and sings Say So by Doja Cat in a light and airy voice.

What do fans and panelists speculate about Pufferfish?

All the clues from Pufferfish had panelists throwing around guesses. Ken Jeong predicts her to be Insecure star Issa Rae.

Robin Thicke puts his money on Pufferfish being actress Jessica Alba.

Niocle speculates it’s a pop star and guesses Paula Abdul.

A video of Pufferfish’s first performance posted by the show’s official Youtube page is filled with comments guessing Toni Braxton.

The guitar Pufferfish performs with has “guitarra” written on it.

Viewers have linked this to Toni Braxton’s song titled Spanish Guitar.

How can I watch The Masked Singer?

Fans can tune in on Wednesday nights on Fox at 8pm ET.

The sixth season premiered on Wednesday, September 22 and Thursday, September 23.

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