Who is R5 Homixide?

RUMOURS that rising star R5 Homixide’s has passed away have left fans and fellow stars shaken and confused.

The 22-year-old rapper, who’s death is as yet unconfirmed, had gained attention and acclaim for his song Lion Heart which he released in July 2021.

R5 Homixide is best known for his hit Lion Heart

Who is R5 Homixide?

Although R5 Homixide didn’t have a major record deal, he had released a good amount of music over the past few years online.

The young star first dropped an album, titled Gvnganati 3, in March 2020.

His most recent release, Chrome Heart, came out in August 2021.

The music video now has just under 60,000 views on Youtube.

According to Rap Alert, the 22-year-old has committed suicide – but it’s not clear what their source is.

There has been no official confirmation of his death and his family are yet to make a statement.

Why is R5 Homixide trending on Twitter?

Fans have been sharing tributes to the 22-year-old on social media after unconfirmed reports that he had passed away surfaced.

R5 Homixide is reportedly good friends with fellow Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti, with many fans sharing their sympathies with the star.

“RIP,” one fan wrote, “praying for his family and Carti.”

“Damn rip bruh, Carti lost another one,” a second user shared on the site.

Playboi Carti is yet to react to the news or confirm his friend’s passing.

Others speculated on what might have allegedly driven him to suicide.

“R5 Homixide situation is sad, he tweeted just last month saying pills are f***ing up and he’s gotta quit them, now this. Rest in peace,” one tweet read.

Others still questioned the legitimacy of the rumours, with a user simply writing: “R5 Homixide gone???”

R5 Homixide is believed to be single

Was R5 Homixide married?

R5 Homixide doesn’t appear to have been married – in fact, there’s no indication that he had been dating anyone.

If he did have a girlfriend, he kept her away from the public eye and didn’t post anything about being in a relationship on his public Instagram profile, which has more than 30k followers.

It’s not known for certain if the rapper has any children, but there’s no indication of any kids on his social media profiles and he has never mentioned having children in any interviews – so it doesn’t seem likely.

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