Who is Selena Gomez dating?

SUPERSTAR Selena Gomez’s love life has been under the radar as rumors swirl she is dating someone new.

The actress’ last public relationship was with The Weeknd back in 2017.


Selena Gomez’s love life has been circulating on social media as fans believe she is dating a fellow actorCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Who is Selena Gomez dating?

Rumor has it that Selena Gomez and actor Chris Evans are an item, though the pair have yet to confirm their relationship.

Fans on Twitter started gathering evidence that there could be something brewing between the two of them.

It all started when Chris recently started following Selena on Instagram, despite only following less than 200 people on the social media platform.

Though the pair have never been publicly seen together, the online connection has people talking, especially since Chris has been known to actually use social media to interact with both fans and celebrities, alike.

Fans believe Chris Evans is Selena's boyfriend


Fans believe Chris Evans is Selena’s boyfriendCredit: Getty

He even hopped into Lizzo’s DMs to play along with the joke she started that she’s having his baby.

Back in 2015, when Selena was appearing as a guest on Watch What Happens Live, a viewer called in to ask her who her “number one celebrity crush” was.

Her answer was Chris and blushed while revealing it for the first time.

“Oh man, he’s either gonna hate me or love me,” she told host Andy Cohen after realizing that she put her feelings out there in the open.

Andy quickly assured Selena that Chris would be flattered and would definitely “love” her after hearing about it.

Who has Chris Evans dated?

Chris was involved in a romance with his Gifted co-star, Jenny Slate, with the two dating for a couple of years, on and off, but ended things in 2018.

He was then seen getting cozy with Lily James in 2020 for a brief period, but neither actor ever addressed rumors of a romance between the two at the time.

What did people say about Selena Gomez and Chris Evans?

Fans on Twitter were rooting for the rumor that Selena and Chris might be an item, with one user writing: “SELENA GONEZ AND CHRIS EVANS ARE TRENDING CUZ THEY MIGHT BE DATING ITS A DREAM.

Another wrote: “So Chris Evans is trending and me being me, *duh* I clicked on it. And. It is about a dating rumor. But if that is true. Damn what a powerful/lovely couple. 

A third said: “I hope Selena Gomez is dating Chris Evans Bc she deserves happiness!!!” 

“I mean I was Jelena. But if it is Chris Evans i wouldn’t mind cause she may be in better hands,” another fan wrote.

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