Who is Shane Dawson’s cameraman?

VLOGGER Shane Dawson has posted his first YouTube video in more than a year to address his decision to step back from the spotlight.

Here, we take a look at the controversial YouTuber’s cameraman, Andrew Siwicki.


Andrew Siwicki, 29, is a cinematographer, producer, YouTuber, and actorCredit: INSTAGRAM

Who is Shane Dawson’s cameraman Andrew Siwicki?

Born in Chicago, Andrew Siwicki, 29, is a cinematographer, producer, YouTuber, and actor.

Siwicki worked as an intern at William Morris Endeavor, Demi & Cooper Advertising, and Lily’s Talent Agency before becoming an internet sensation.

He began his social media career on Vine, where he created and edited videos – but he didn’t appear in any of them.

After the app was deactivated, he headed over to YouTube, where he has worked with several YouTubers to film their videos, including Shane Dawson, who has more than 20million subscribers.

Dawson and Siwicki met in 2014 and worked together until three of Dawson’s YouTube channels were suspended in June 2020.

Siwicki has also produced four TV mini-series and boasts two acting and writing credits.

In November 2020, he launched a YouTube channel with his pal Garrett Watts, called Sweet Boys: Garrett and Andrew.

Siwicki hasn’t posted on his Instagram page in nearly a year.

Are Shane Dawson and Andrew Siwicki still friends?

Dawson and Siwicki appear to no longer be as close as they once were.

Siwicki appears to have cut connections with Dawson after controversial clips featuring his use of blackface, the N-word and other offensive comments resurfaced last year.

In a video posted on October 7, 2021, Dawson said he “wanted to leave the internet and I didn’t want to be part” of the vlogging community, saying he “felt like it ruined my life”.

Siwicki is not named in the credits on Dawson’s latest YouTube video.

In a video discussing the friendship, YouTuber Rich Lux said a fan noticed any mention of Siwicki has been scrapped from Dawson’s merchandise, suggesting the pair have cut ties.

However, they reportedly still follow each other on social media.

Rich suggested Siwicki and Dawson have distanced themselves from each other to allow Siwicki to pursue his own career.

“Andrew deserves his own spotlight too,” Rich told his viewers.

Other social media commentators said the pair might have cut ties in the online world so “Andrew can step into his own and do his own thing”.

Who is Andrew Siwicki dating?

It’s understood Siwicki is single.

When it comes to the vlogger’s personal life, he keeps a low profile.

There’s no evidence of a partner on his social media channels.

However, he was rumoured at one point to be dating YouTuber Gabbie Hanna and actress Megan Batoon.


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