Who Is Summer Walker’s New Boyfriend? Here’s Everything We Know

Summer mentioned that she is seeing someone in a rant she posted on Instagram on Aug. 30, 2021. In it, she calls out people who are starting drama with her about London, including the mothers of his other children and other women in his life. “We’re not doing this for the next 18 years,” she says in the video.

Summer goes on to say that she tried to make her, London, and the other mothers of his children a “big happy family” but no one wanted to be bothered to spend holidays together. Now that she and London aren’t together, she says the other women have been causing drama online, including threatening her after she went on a date with another guy.

“My career is doing good,” Summer says in the video. “My baby is healthy and beautiful. My man is doing everything that I need him to do plus more. Don’t even gotta ask.” Although she doesn’t say who the guy is, we at least have confirmation that there is someone special in her life besides her daughter. She says she’s addressed these issues for the final time.

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