Who Is Taj From ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? Tahzjuan Is Turning Heads

According to her Instagram, Tahzjuan is currently a realtor for Real in Denver, Colo. On her LinkedIn, she’s also a consultant for HyperTattoo, and in the past, she worked for Lyft as an Account Manager.

So unlike many of her peers, Tahzjuan is definitely a working girl. In the past couple of years, she hasn’t even posted too much on Instagram, so although she is part of the Bachelor network, she doesn’t seem to be pursuing the influencer lifestyle.

However, that could change with her newfound popularity on the current season of Bachelor in Paradise. It just comes down to the fact that Tahzjuan is real! We would also jump up if there was a crab coming towards us, and we love how she wears her heart on her sleeve. It does seem like she loves to travel, but we’re guessing she’s probably not going on adventure hikes.

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