Who is the Everly brothers’ mother Margaret?

MARGARET Everly is most famously known as the mother of Phil and Don Everly.

The famous brothers performed in the band The Everly Brothers.


Margaret is the mother to Don and Phil Everly, famously known as The Everly BrothersCredit: Facebook/Everly Brothers Childhood Home

Who is the Everly brothers’ mother Margaret?

Born Margaret Embry in 1919, Margaret is still alive and well today in 2021 and is currently 102 years old.

While not much information is known on Margaret, she is known for supporting her family.

In 2019, at the age of 99, Margaret sat down with Knox News to talk about her children and some of the difficult decisions her family had to make the The Everly Brothers’ a household name.

“We drove into Knoxville on a balmy day and it was a beautiful place and I felt like I made the right decision,” she recalled.

Prior to her son’s career, Margaret was known for helping her husband, Ike, with his music career as an aspiring thumb-picking guitar player.

“I said, ‘If I’m working with you, we could make more money,’ ” she continued. “And he said that I can’t sing. He laughed at me and so I went to Montgomery Ward and ordered a recording machine.”

When her husband started his own radio show, which became known as “The Everly Family Show” by 1950, Margaret was known for reading the commercials and joining her family in four-part harmonies.

Despite being proud of her family, things were not always happy in the Everly household.

Back in 1986, Margaret filed a lawsuit against her son Don, who failed to sign over the house him and his brother Phil bought for their parents back in 1958.

Following the Internal Revenue Service questioning the brothers about tax deductions on the parent’s house, Margaret signed it over to the children until the payments were done.

After the brother’s payed it off, Phil signed his share back over but Don did not.

Who was Margaret Every’s husband?

Margaret was married to Isaac Milford “Ike” Everly, Jr.

Born April 29, 1908, Ike was known as a musician and the father of The Everly Brothers.

Ike was a former guitar player and had his own radio show with his family.

Prior to his musical journey, Ike was a coal miner.

The couple were married up until Ike’s death in 1975.

In 1992, Ike and fellow guitarists Merle Travis, Mose Rager, and Kennedy Jones, were honored by the construction of the Four Legends Fountain in Drakesboro, Kentucky.

Margaret is alive and well at the age of 102 while both her children and husband have passed


Margaret is alive and well at the age of 102 while both her children and husband have passedCredit: Alamy

Who are Margaret Every’s children?

Margaret and Ike were the parents to two children, Don and Phil.

The couple first welcomed their son Don, on February 1, 1937, and then two years later, in 1939, welcomed their second son Phil.

The brothers went on to become one of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll history.

In 2014, baby brother Phil passed away at the age of 74 due to a long battle with lung disease, that his wife, Patti, blames on a lifetime of cigarette smoking. 

Seven years later, Margaret mourned the loss of her second son, Don, who died at the age of 84 on August 21, 2021.

Margaret is also the grandmother to six grandchildren and the great grandmother to three great grandchildren.

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