Who Is Threatening Masha in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers?’ Fans Are Unsure

As the series has officially passed its halfway mark on Hulu, viewers are getting better acquainted with the strangers and staff at Tranquillum House. And at the center of social media conversations is the identity of Masha’s (Nicole Kidman) attacker. While the series explains that Masha has her share of enemies, viewers are left playing the guessing game to find out who’s after her.

So, who has been threatening Masha on Nine Perfect Strangers? Get comfortable as we spill the deets.

Fans believe many suspects could be threatening Masha on ‘Nine Perfect Strangers.’

If you’ve been keeping up with the weekly episodes, then you know that Masha has gotten herself into trouble in both her previous and current life. And since the more people you upset means the longer your list of enemies, many people could be labeled as Masha’s stalker.

However, many social media users believe that the prime suspect is none other than Delilah. Despite being a loyal staff member at Tranquillum House, fans think that the tension between Delilah and Masha is enough to question her motivations.

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Source: Hulu

For starters, Delilah has already called Masha out for moving too quickly with their protocol and not keeping her up to date on specific treatments. Plus, Masha is definitely smashing Delilah’s boyfriend, Yao, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… But will that be the case for long?

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On the other hand, some viewers believe that a previous guest, Conley, may also be behind the threats. In Episode 3, Delilah and Masha have a discussion about Conley filing a lawsuit against Masha about protocol at the resort.

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“Do you think it’s Conley maybe? His family? Makes sense, right?” Delilah says to Masha.

“What? I won. No negligence,” Masha responds.

“That doesn’t mean they’re over it. I mean, who else could it be?” Delilah asks.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Source: Hulu

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However, the person behind the threats could also be Masha’s ex-husband. After Masha reveals she was previously married, she brings up the possibility of her ex being behind all the madness.

“It could be a stalker. It could be a competitor. It could be my ex-husband. I wish I could narrow the field,” Masha says.

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