Who Is Tim Drake in ‘Titans’? What Happened to the Original Robin?

On Titans, the original Robin — Dick — is still on the show. But now, he’s taken on a new role. Played by Brenton Thwaites, he ditches his place by Batman’s side in order to become Nightwing by the end of the show’s second season. Nightwing is a hero all his own, and Dick comes into the role as he discovers more of who he is as a person.

“Where we meet him in episode 1 of the show is, he’s in exile from his dysfunctional relationship with Bruce Wayne,” showrunner Greg Walker said in a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly. “He’s really ambivalent about being Robin at all. At one point he burns the suit. So he has a real complicated relationship with the suit.”

Because of this, it was really important for Dick as a character to discover himself, understand the mistakes he made, and even transform himself as a person. It’s almost as if Nightwing is a rebirth for him. Now, he can lead the Titans just like he did in the comics and prove himself while he tries to figure out exactly where he stands with Batman.

You can watch Titans on HBO Max.


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