Who Is Victoria Justice Dating? What to Know About the ‘Afterlife of the Party’ Star

Now that the Nickelodeon star is all grown up, the 28-year-old is taking on more mature roles, like Brooke in Trust and Cassie in Afterlife of the Party. But as her star continues to rise and Victoria gets to enjoy greater fame, fans are also clamoring to know more about the actress’s romantic life. So, who is Victoria Justice dating? Here is a list of her boyfriend over the years.

Who is Victoria Justice dating?

Victoria Justice was just a pre-teen when she landed her role as Lola Martinez on Zoey 101 and since then, this talented young star has risen to the top of her game. But despite so many years in the public eye, Victoria makes sure to keep her personal life private, even though fans are obsessed with learning more.

Unlike other stars, it’s rather hard to confirm details about Victoria’s love life, but thankfully, there are always rumors to fall back on.

As far as anyone can tell, Victoria is currently single. The star is known to keep her relationships private but as of now, it seems quite clear that she’s embraced her single life and is focused on herself and her career.

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Since rising to the spotlight, Victoria has been involved in a couple of public relationships. She was most recently linked to actor and singer Reeve Carney. The two met while filming the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake in 2016 and quickly made their romance official.

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Although they were together for three years, the two kept the relationship very private and were only photographed together for red carpet events. The couple broke up sometime in February 2019.

Prior to Reeve, Victoria dated her former Naomi and Eli’s No-Kiss List co-star Pierson Ford. The couple were together for two years before they split, but it seemed to be an amicable breakup as Victoria was spotted at Pierson’s 25th birthday party after they were no longer a couple.

Right before Pierson, Victoria was in another two-year relationship with Ryan Rottman. Victoria started dating Ryan in 2011, but the two broke up because they were “at different points in their life and both had been traveling.” It seems like Victoria was OK with the breakup though, especially since she had Pierson’s strong arms to rebound into.

In 2008, Victoria reportedly dated Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson, but the two were only together for a year. Before that, Victoria had a brief relationship with Cole Sprouse, from The Suite Life of Zach & Cody and Riverdale. Years after the young couple broke their relationship off, Victoria revealed that not only had she given Cole’s character Cody his first kiss but that Cole was her first real-life kiss as well.

Catch Victoria in Life of the Afterparty streaming on Netflix on Thursday, Sept. 2.

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