Who Is Will Arnett Playing In ‘The Morning Show’? Get the Scoop

The Morning Show trailer has officially been released, and it gives great insight into the executives of UBA who are trying to save the network from plummeting. And as new faces are being added into the mix, reports share that Arrested Development’s Will Arnett will also join the ensemble cast.

So, it’s time to answer the obvious questions: Who is Will Arnett playing in The Morning Show? What does the trailer entail? Read on to get your answer.

‘The Morning Show’ trailer highlights Alex’s comeback to UBA and other struggles at the network.

The Morning Show trailer kicks off with UBA pulling out all of the stops to try and get Alex to come back. After Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) visits Alex at home, she seems a bit apprehensive, but eventually takes his offer.

As Alex makes her grand return to the office, she’s accompanied by her agent, Doug Klassen (Will Arnett). Tensions are noticeably high seeing that the purpose of Alex’s return is to save the network. With Bradley sharing that she feels that she’s “bringing in [her] big sister to clean up [her] mess,” it doesn’t look like there will be a smooth transition at UBA.

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Source: Apple TV Plus

And with Doug telling Alex that she had essentially perfectly timed stepping away when she did, it seems as if UBA may be a sinking ship. As the trailer continues, viewers will see that the ratings are down and an exposé of the troubles behind UBA’s The Morning Show comes to light.

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To make matters worse, Bradley is then told that the network may not be using her in the right way. Issues of racism, not being able to move up in the network, and workplace alliances crumbling have hit a climax as mostly everyone under the UBA umbrella wants to ensure that their job is safe.

Source: Apple TV Plus


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