Who Is Wyatt on General Hospital?

Eagle-eyed viewers of GENERAL HOSPITAL who were also fans of ONE LIFE TO LIVE have recognized a familiar face appearing in Port Charles. Well, that’s because the character of young Wyatt Hoover has been played by Patrick Gibbons, Jr., who used to play Sam Manning on OLTL! And the young actor has returned for a couple more visits, reprising the role!

Gibbons joined the cast of OLTL back in December of 2010 and played Sam right up through the end of the ABC soap, even appearing in the short-lived online reboot. And his GH scenes in 2018 reunited him with former castmates Roger Howarth and Michael Easton who played Todd and John on the much-missed ABC sudser.

Wyatt first appeared when the young Raging Raccoon scout heard Peter August in the cabin and discovered him tied up. Peter urged the boy to run and tell anyone he could that he was trapped here, and needed help. Wyatt simply shrugged and walked off, but later returned for his bugle so Peter could beg him again for help. But as Wyatt began untying Peter, Liesl Obrecht returned wielding a hatchet, forcing the kid to hide under the bed.

After Obrecht left, Peter urged Wyatt to take her notebook to use as proof and the scout went to the hospital where he found Franco Baldwin in the art therapy room and revealed the whole story. Franco was wary, but after Wyatt spotted Obrecht in the hall and ID’d her as the villain, Dr. Hamilton Finn introduced himself and questioned him for more details. Unfortunately, by the time they passed Wyatt’s info and map to the cabin, Peter had already been moved, but it still helped them track him down and rescue him in the end!

Wyatt helped expose Obrecht’s kidnapping of Peter!ABC

In September 2019, Wyatt ran into Peter again in the hospital corridor and revealed he was in for a tonsillectomy. Peter comforted the nervous kid and urged him to be as brave as he was when he helped rescue him. Following his procedure, Wyatt was eating ice cream in the hall when he ran into Willow Tait and Finn explained how the boy had helped save Peter. Wyatt didn’t think he was much of a hero after failing to help another kid who he wanted to be as calm as he was when he played the cello. Willow reassured Wyatt and after she revealed she used to play, Wyatt’s mom brought his instrument to the hospital so they could have a mini-concert there.

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