Who killed Nairobi in money heist?

Nairobi was adored by audiences who watched the Netflix series Money Heist. She was known for being level-headed, fair, and no-nonsense, a refreshing attitude amid her fiery team. Nairobi’s son was taken away from her by child services.

In season 4 of the series, Nairobi’s son was used as bait to lure her towards an open window at the Bank of Spain.

Just like what any mother who had been separated from their child for a long time would have done, Nairobi approached to take a closer look at her son from the window, she was shot by a sniper and sustained internal injuries. The current circumstances of the gang did not allow them to send Nairobi to the hospital therefore, they decided to treat her themselves.

Nairobi gradually began to gain recovery from the prior assassination and was to join her crew members in no time until one of the former hostages, Gandia took her into captivity, tortured her, and later eliminated her. The crew has vowed to keep with the fight and avenge the death of Nairobi.


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