Grantchester season 6: Who stars in season six?

GRANTCHESTER has returned for another thrilling series that promises mystery, scandal and a host of familiar faces.

The detective crime drama is now in its sixth season and is even treating its viewers to two additional episodes. Here’s what you need to know about the latest cast.



Reverend Will Davenport and policeman Geordie Keating returnCredit: Rex

Who is in the cast of Grantchester season 6?

Love is in the air for the Reverend this season


Love is in the air for the Reverend this seasonCredit: ITV

Tom Brittney as Will Davenport

Handsome, motorbike-riding Reverend Will Davenport is played by 30-year-old Tom Brittney, who has previously starred in Outlander, E4’s Humans and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.

Will is Grantchester’s new man of the cloth since James Norton’s Sidney Chambers left the show in series four.

Will had a self-imposed vow to remain celibate, but in a shock twist during the season five finale it was revealed that he had slept with older nun Sister Grace, played by Tracy-Ann Oberman.

His crime-solving partner Detective Geordie Keating had a gleeful response to the news, exclaiming: “You’ve had sex! You sly old dog… You’ve slept with your boss’s missus!”

Tom revealed that the new series will see “sexually liberated” Will begin to explore dating and that he will be involved in an intriguing new romantic storyline.

He also said that the new series will see his friendship with Geordie Keating put to the test: “It’s all about Geordie not seeing the world how Will sees it and Will not seeing the world how Geordie sees it and conflict occurs.”

Geordie and Will won't see eye to eye causing tension in season 6


Geordie and Will won’t see eye to eye causing tension in season 6Credit: ITV

Robson Green as Geordie Keating

Robson Green returns for a sixth season as gruff policeman Geordie Keating.

In previous seasons we saw his marriage to Cathy was on the rocks following his affair with a colleague, but now they appear to be back on track.

Asked about his character, Robson Green told “Geordie just doesn’t trust anyone.

“This whole notion of you know, everybody is settled, everybody is in a good place, but for Geordie there’s no such thing. Nothing good ever lasts.”

“And something bad will inevitably happen. And because it’s a drama right, it does.”

Robson was thrilled to film the latest series, telling Digital Spy: “Great to be back in the world we all refer to as our happy place.

“This new series is the best yet and is testament to the outstanding creative team that make this extraordinary, likeable, charming and entertaining tale what it is… class!”

Curate Leonard faces hardship over his sexuality this season


Curate Leonard faces hardship over his sexuality this seasonCredit: Rex

Al Weaver as Leonard Finch

Kind-hearted curate Leonard Finch is at the centre of a scandal in season six, as his sexuality puts him in danger.

The new plot line will demonstrate how dangerous it was to live as a gay man in the 1960s, as Leonard finds himself being blackmailed over pictures of him kissing another man.

Back then, this was enough evidence to prosecute a man for homosexual practices and Reverend Will finds himself in a moral bind over whether to stand by the church or help his friend escape an awful fate.

Cathy seems to be in a better place now since she started work


Cathy seems to be in a better place now since she started workCredit: ITV

Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy Keating

Kacey stars as Cathy Keating, Geordie’s wife, who has found new independence since she took up working in a department store.

She forgave Geordie for cheating on her and their relationship seems to be in a better place now.

In series five her husband enlisted the help of his mother-in-law around the house, which irritated Cathy to no end.

Kacey has played a number of memorable roles over the course of her career, including Little Mo in EastEnders and Miss Gullet in the revamp of popular 90s show, The Worst Witch.

Will's mum Amelia got engaged last season


Will’s mum Amelia got engaged last seasonCredit: ITV

Jemma Redgrave as Amelia Davenport

Jemma Redgrave plays the shy mother of Will, Amelia Davenport.

Her overbearing husband committed suicide in season four after Will and Geordie discovered that he had killed a man.

She is now trying to strike out on her own and discover who she really is – last season she even got engaged to someone new.

Mrs Chapman watches dutifully over the house


Mrs Chapman watches dutifully over the houseCredit: Rex

Tessa Peake-Jones plays Mrs Chapman

Tessa Peake-Jones stars as Mrs Chapman.

She is Rev Will Davenport’s dedicated housekeeper now that Sidney Chambers (James Norton) has left for America.

She was formerly Mrs Maguire after she married again in series three.

The 62-year-old actress featured in Only Fools And Horses as Raquel Turner.

She has also starred as Sue Bond in Doctors, Sheila in Unforgotten and Imelda Cousins in Holby City.

Ellie was a love interest for Will last season - could sparks fly again?


Ellie was a love interest for Will last season – could sparks fly again?Credit: ITV

Lauren Carse plays Ellie Harding

Lauren Carse made her debut on the show as a journalist and friend of Geordie last season.

Her coverage of some murders provoked Will, who often rebuked her, but the pair appeared to be attracted to one another.

Speaking to, Brittney said that his character Will didn’t agree with Ellie “morally,” but that the attraction is there from the beginning.

“Me and Ellie are going to be the Ross and Rachel of Grantchester… I want all Grantchester to be related to Friends, in some way!”

You might recognise Lauren from dystopian drama Humans, Vera, The Mallorca Files, or the mini-series Dark Mon£y.

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