Who stars in the She’s All That reboot?

ADDISON Rae, who blew up as a TikTok star, is set to star in a reboot of She’s All That, which will land on Netflix on August 27.

Rae and her co-star Tanner Buchanan sparked dating rumors after they recently shared a spicy kiss, but the two are reportedly just friends.



TikTok star Addison Rae will star in the Netflix film He’s All ThatCredit: Netflix

What is He’s All That?

He’s All That, which is in pre-production, is a reboot of the teen flick She’s All That, which starred Rachael Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr.

The TikTok star plays a female version of Prinze’s character as she gives a male classmate a makeover.

It is a gender swap of the 1999 film that saw Cook’s character get a makeover from Prinze’s jock and his sister.

“I’m so excited to finally share the news that i am getting the opportunity to make my acting debut in HE’S ALL THAT which is a remake of one of my all time favorite movies, SHE’S ALL THAT,” Rae wrote on Instagram earlier this year.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me and none of it would have ever happened without every single one of you.

“I can’t wait for you to see it!!! I can’t wait to work with this amazing team and everyone involved in making the film and am so thankful to everyone who gave me this incredible opportunity.”

Netflix picked up the Miramax movie in a $20million deal, and it will be released globally later this year.

Who is in the cast of He’s All That?

Meet the cast of the reboot film He’s All That:

Addison Rae as Padgett Sawyer

TikTok star Rae, 20, will star as Padgett Sawyer in the upcoming teen flick.

The film centers around Sawyer, who accepts a challenge to turn the school’s least popular boy, Cameron Kweller, into prom king, attempting to avenge herself following a humiliating fallout with her boyfriend.

The 20-year-old rose to fame in 2019 when her dancing videos on TikTok went viral.

Tanner Buchanan as Cameron Kweller

Actor Tanner Buchanan will star as Kweller, the least popular boy in school.

Buchanan, 22, is best known for his role as Leo Kirkman in the ABC political drama Designated Survivor.

He also starred as Robby Keene in the Netflix series Cobra Kai.

Tanner Buchanan will star as the least popular boy in school, Cameron Kweller


Tanner Buchanan will star as the least popular boy in school, Cameron KwellerCredit: Netflix

Madison Pettis as Alden

Actress Madison Pettis will portray Alden, one of Sawyer’s best friends, in the film.

Pettis, 23, is known for her role as Sophie Martinez on the Disney Channel comedy series Cory in the House.

In 2007, the 23-year-old starred as Peyton Kelly in the film The Game Plan.

Peyton Meyer as Jordan Van Draanen

Actor Peyton Meyer will take the mantel as popular Sawyer’s ex-boyfriend Jordan Van Draanen.

Meyer, 22, is known as Lucas Friar on the Disney Channel television series Girl Meets World.

He also starred in Disney’s Dog with a Blog, where he portrayed Wes Manning.

Rachael Leigh Cook as Anna Sawyer

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook will star as Padgett’s mother, Anna Sawyer.

Cook, 41, has starred in the films The Baby-Sitters Club, Josie and the Pussycats, and the television series Into the West and Perception.

The actress also appeared in 1999s She’s All That; however, under a different character in Laney Boggs – a dorky, solitary, unpopular art student.

What did the trailer release?

As Addison found fame with her viral videos on TikTok, Netflix chose the same social media platform as the perfect place to debut the trailer on August 4, 2021.

The trailer, which was later released on other platforms after dropping live on TikTok, features a remix of Sixpence None The Richer’s Kiss Me, the iconic soundtrack song in the original movie.

The ’90s film focused on a popular jock Zack (Freddie Prinze Jr.) trying to turn a “nerdy girl” Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook) into the prom queen after being dumped.

The new 2021 version centers on: “Teen social media influencer Padgett’s humiliating on-camera breakup goes viral, leading her to make a risky bet to save her reputation.

“She swears she can turn scruffy antisocial Cameron [Tanner] into prom king material. But things get complicated when she finds herself falling for him IRL.”

Addison Rae as Padgett Sawyer and Madison Pettis as Alden, one of Sawyer's best friends


Addison Rae as Padgett Sawyer and Madison Pettis as Alden, one of Sawyer’s best friendsCredit: Netflix

Tanner’s character even says a version of Laney’s famous “Am I a bet?” line from the 1999 flick.

Addison’s real-life BFF, Kourtney Kardashian, appeared briefly in the He’s All That trailer, teasing more to come from her character when the movie releases on Netflix on August 27.

“Who’s the new guy,” her character asks, seemingly to Addison’s Padgett about her remade version of Cameron. “A little scruffy but cute!”

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