Who Will Crack First In This Bold and the Beautiful Triangle?

If Quinn Fuller Forrester and Carter Walton’s affair had the allure of sneaking around to it, well, that part is simply over. After their secret came out on The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric Forrester surprisingly took Quinn back, and now, he’s inexplicably told his wife and company COO that they’re free to continue their physical relationship.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Version Of An Affair To Remember

It’s one thing to have an affair when nobody knows about it, but when someone does and then, also condones it? It’s kind of left some if not all of the participants involved in this dynamic dazed and confused. Who will be the first person to say, “You know what? This actually isn’t going to work out.” Soap Hub polled The Bold and the Beautiful viewers to find out their thoughts on this matter.

Eric Will Have Second Thoughts

Eric (John McCook) re-thought his decision to divorce Quinn (Rena Sofer) and invited her back into their marriage. Most of you, close to 60%, believe that he’s going to have second thoughts again when he re-thinks his decision to let his wife and Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) continue their affair so she can have a more fulfilling sex life.

There are a variety of reasons that Eric might change his mind. First, he might get his prowess back and realize he can fulfill Quinn’s needs. Second, Eric may figure out that Quinn and Carter’s dynamic wasn’t just about sex — they care about one another. If Eric doesn’t change his mind, he could lose Quinn for good.

Quinn’s Choice

Quinn’s been uneasy with Eric’s decision from the beginning. Sure, she’s still attracted to Carter — that’s how this whole thing got started. But Eric’s asking her to divide up her emotional loyalty. The last thing Quinn wants to do is hurt Eric and she’s not too keen on hurting Carter either! Many of you, almost 23%, say that Quinn will end things with one of the men in her life. She’ll either keep the love she has with Eric or jettison the love and sex she has with Carter.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Carter Will Call It

The rest of you, about 17%, say that Carter will close the case of this odd triangle. He’ll likely never be content to have Quinn physically but not fully emotionally. It’s a human resources nightmare waiting to happen the day Eric changes his mind.

Eric can’t exactly fire Carter as Forrester Creations COO if he tires of the legal eagle banging his wife. Carter just might step back, look at the bigger picture, and end things with Quinn as painful as that might be — especially if Eric is conning Carter and Quinn. What if he’s letting him continue their romp so that he can take Quinn to the cleaners and get financial ownership of her jewelry company? Stay tuned to The Bold and the Beautiful to see how this unusual triangle plays out.

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