Who Won ‘Making It’ Season 3? Plus, Will the Show Get Renewed?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the finale of Making It Season 3.

NBC’s crafting series Making It could be the happiest, most comforting show on television. Rather than a cutthroat competition, Making It is more about a group of makers who just want to, well, make. The prize money and the naming of the Master Maker seem like an afterthought for the creators, who are constantly trying to help each other and are excited to be making friends in the crafting community.

Who won ‘Making It’ Season 3?

Season 3 of Making It has seen some pretty incredible crafts. From Adam Kingman’s ramen room to Chelsea Anderson’s
Chrismukkah mantle complete with miniature storefronts, the level of artistry this season has been unparalleled. And it seems like every time someone goes home (or rather gets a job at Making It‘s sustainable farm), it’s disappointing because really no one deserves to leave this friendly competition.

The final episode of Season 3 sees the makers take on the Shed Hack, which viewers have seen on previous seasons. But this time they’re asked to make it totally personal to them — specifically, it must be their “happy place.”

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While Melañio Gomez went for a wine cave, Chelsea chose to go for a happy place that works for all ages — a nap shack. Both Kara Walker and Adam designed sheds that are rather fitting for the personalities they’ve shown so far on the show. Kara went for a tropical hut, playing off that island theme she gave us in the semifinals with her backyard volcano bar. Meanwhile, Adam, ever the outdoorsman, created a cabin in the woods.

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In the end, the winning shed was Adam, whose colorful creation won over the judges with its immaculate craftsmanship. But Adam says the biggest prize remains making lifelong friends in the maker community.

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