Who Won Season 2 of ‘Lego Masters’? The Season 2 Finale Has Arrived

Over the last 12 weeks, Lego Masters contestants have been forced to flex their creative skills in a number of challenges that have led six lucky contestants to the season finale. Friends Natalie and Michelle were eliminated in the penultimate episode of Season 2 after the duo’s castle came up short, leaving three teams to face off in the finale.

Along with Zack and Wayne, who won the first challenge and have remained frontrunners throughout the competition, Mark, Steven, Caleb, and Jacob will also be featured in the finale, where contestants have the freedom to build whatever they want. But who takes home the $100,000 prize? Read on to find out who wins Season 2 of Lego Masters.

Who wins Season 2 of ‘Lego Masters’? Fans have predictions.

For the first time in Lego Masters history, all three teams competing in the season finale are brothers, and that’s what we call sibling rivalry. While Zack and Wayne have only won one challenge in Season 2, they have never been in the bottom three, which seemingly poses a big threat for “Cliffhanger” champions Caleb and Jacob.

Although Caleb and Jacob have held their own throughout the competition, they’ve been at risk of being sent home three times this season, leading fans to believe that Mark and Steven had a pretty good chance at coming out on top.

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Source: FOX

On the other hand, some fans believe that the judges have given a few contestants more credit than they deserve. One Lego Masters viewer tweeted, “[I’ve] Been watching Lego Masters since it came out and the second season is so rigged. Mark and Steven should’ve been bottom two the last two builds and Zack and Wayne should’ve been the winners of the latest one and a couple of the older ones.”

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All six builders have proven that their talent is unmatched, but in one last showdown, the next Lego Masters were finally revealed. Fans placed their bets and the competition was close, but Mark and Steven ultimately came out as the winners of Season 2, with Zack and Wayne placing second and Caleb and Jacob placing third.

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