Who Won the Coin of Destiny on ‘Big Brother’? What to Know

Season 23 of Big Brother saw the introduction of a range of cut-throat, casino-style games. As part of the new twist, the High Rollers Room, contestants are allocated so-called BB Bucks. The contestants voted the most popular by the viewers receive the most cash. The top three rake in $100 BB Bucks each, the next three get $75, while the rest earn $50. So, who was rich enough to partake in the Coin of Destiny? Who won the game?

One of the most expensive games to date, the Coin of Destiny sets each contestant back with a jaw-dropping $250. Ignoring all the setbacks, Claire Rehfuss tried her luck and won the Coin of Destiny in a recent episode of Big Brother. As to Claire’s reward? She got to de-throne Tiffany, who only enjoyed her position as the newly-appointed HOH for what felt like a hot second.

Fortunately for the Cookout, however, Claire chose to respect Tiffany’s wishes and nominate the same contestants for elimination as she did.

As loyal viewers of the show are bound to recall, Tiffany chose Kyland Young and Sarah Beth Steagall. (Coincidentally, Sarah happens to be the only other female contestant who got appointed as HOH thus far.) Xavier Prather is also on the list.

A strategic thinker, Claire went with the same list.

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