Who won the Power of Veto, week 5?

Big Brother 23Who won the Power of Veto within the Big Brother 23 house? It was a chaotic week in the game, and that led to one of the more interesting competitions this season.

If you missed it, Derek X. won the Head of Household Competition and after that, he chose to nominate the combination of Sarah Beth and Britini for eviction. We know that his target is really Christian, but the Veto today is complicated, to put it mildly. There are people in the game who would prefer Sarah Beth to go out this time.

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Participating in the Veto were Derek X., his nominees, and then also Alyssa, Kyland, and Claire. We know that Derek wanted Kyland to win it — that way, another person could be seen as a competition threat. The best-case scenario for him, though, is that Sarah Beth wins the competition so that Christian gets nominated and almost certainly goes over Britini, who is not really a threat to anyone out there.

So who was victorious when the dust settled today? Britini won! Things are going to get super messy now since there are a lot of different ways this week could flip around. Odds are Christian will go up, but will he go home? That’s where we could see a ton of debate over the next few days.

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